How does Vietnam communicate


The official language in Vietnam is Vietnamese.

Various options are available for communication in Vietnam. The rule here is: trying is better than studying. Nevertheless, it is important to find out in advance which languages ​​are still taught and predominantly spoken in Vietnam. Depending on which languages ​​you speak, these can also be used on your Vietnam trip.

Development of the language in Vietnam

Almost 90% of the population have a native command of the Vietnamese language. Vietnamese is not related to Chinese. Nevertheless, around 70% of the Vietnamese vocabulary consists of words of Chinese origin. Vietnamese is a tonal and monosyllabic (describing words that consist of only one syllable) language.

The numerous ethnic minorities, on the other hand, of course speak their own languages, which is allowed but not very encouraged. Some Vietnamese still speak the languages ​​of the former “socialist brother states” in which they studied, worked and lived.

Vietnam language & communication

If you want to communicate with the locals, you don't necessarily have to learn Vietnamese for your trip to Vietnam. Because besides the Vietnam language, many Vietnamese also speak English and / or French. When it comes to understanding Vietnamese proverbs, a certain basic knowledge is of course an advantage.

The former colonial days of the French in the history of Vietnam ensured that the older generation in particular still speaks French very well today. So if you are able to speak French, you should be able to communicate well with Vietnamese. And that although the French language has lost its status as the first foreign language.

In the meantime, English has become a compulsory foreign language in most schools in Vietnam. Younger generations in particular speak English very well.

Other languages: In addition, other Asian languages ​​are on the rise in Vietnam. Here, too, it is the younger generation who are learning and speaking more and more Asian languages.

The writing in the Vietnamese language

The Vietnamese language has been written in its own Latin script since 1945. The Vietnamese script is a phonetic script, from the spelling of which the pronunciation can in most cases be derived or read very precisely.