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21 great life mottos and 3 that you better forget quickly

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know: I love good quotes!

And since so many fantastic people have lived in the last few centuries, we have an incredible treasure at our disposal.

Today I have put together a selection of my absolute favorites for you. Why?

To be honest: I'm not doing very well at the moment.

There's a lot going on in me right now, but that's the dying of the year about it, I think. I'm burying a part of myself right now and then there's everything that's happening in the world right now.

Thanks to my news diet (which I keep because one day I couldn't sleep from sheer fear), I rarely see myself confronted with all the bad things of this world. But of course I never escape them and sometimes, like last Saturday, they roll over me again like avalanches.

This is exactly why there are 21 wonderful, positive quotes today with the license to live as a motto (and something to laugh about at the end of the article).

Because every end is somehow also a new beginning (and that was now life motto # 22).

Let's get started!

# 1 future

I never think about the future, it comes soon enough.-Albert Einstein

Good old Albert Einstein just knew it. It is useless to always think about the future, or even to be afraid of it. You can shape it with your actions today, but it will come. Yesterday was tomorrow today, so to speak!

# 2 wind

You can't change the wind, but you can set the sails differently.

Yes, of course you cannot change the wind that blows towards you. There are certain limitations that we as humans are subject to. There are laws and rules that we should adhere to (at least the sensible ones), there are our surroundings, there are limits. But you always have control over how you set your sails.

You can also use the greatest headwind to your advantage if you adjust your sails accordingly. And if not, then you can row.

# 3 New ways

Paths are created by walking them.
-Franz Kafka

It doesn't work like that, you don't do it like that ... Do you know? Then it's time to stop. Create new paths, new possibilities. Think outside the box, think outside the box. All roads lead to Rome and if the right one doesn't yet exist, then you will find it, I am convinced of that.

# 4 Let go

Relax, let go of the wheel. Troll through the world, it's so beautiful.
-Kurt Tucholsky

This quote has become an important motto in my life in the last few months. The world is wonderful when we just enjoy it and occasionally take our cramped hands off the wheel. That doesn't mean that you let your life out of your hands. But a little relaxation, we all need that.

# 5 dreams

If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough.
-Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

We all dream of big and small things. But has it ever happened to you that you have put a dream (maybe your lifelong dream?) Aside because it seemed too big and unrealistic to you, because it scares you? Then think again and take an example from the first African president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Reach for the stars, you are not in the world to be mediocre.

# 6 truth

The only mistake almost always is believing that my point of view is the only one from which to see the truth.
-Jorge Bucay

Just yesterday I was reading a book about different points of view and truth. The author describes how differently different people (architect, mother, event planner and environmental activist) perceive the same place (an old house in the city).

We all see the same thing, but perceive different things for ourselves. Next time you are in a conflict or upset about someone, try to put yourself in their shoes. What does she see that I don't see? Also works if you don't see a compliment as justified and are too modest again. A wonderful approach to go through life!

Book tip:Jorge Bucay - Come on, I'll tell you a story

# 7 problems

Avoid negative people
- they have a problem for every solution.

I stumbled upon this quote a few months ago. I don't remember where, but it hits the nail on the head. Stay away from whiners, naggers, and negativity slingers. Do not think in terms of problems, but look for solutions for yourself and let the others go where the pepper grows!

# 8 deeds

The future depends on what you do today.
-Mahatma Gandhi

You can now decide: Kafka or Gandhi? What you do today affects what is tomorrow. Quite simply, very nicely put. But that's Gandhi too! Print it out and hang it up!

# 9 comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
-Neale Donald Walsch

Quite a lot, that's also a fantastic saying. The theme also fits perfectly "Your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing will ever grow there." Move out of your soup plate, tear down the walls and get out of there! Outside of your comfort zone, you will find fertile soil, hectare by hectare, that is just waiting to be planted with the most colorful flowers.

Book tip:Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations with God

# 10 treasures

Your life is precious
- handle it carefully!

This is one of the quotations I wish I had said for the first time. I don't have it. Nevertheless, my appeal to you: Please take care of yourself. You have an amazing gift, thousands and thousands of seconds, minutes and hours still ahead of you. Use it and don't just let it slip away.

# 11 mistake

In order to live a creative life we ​​have to lose the fear of making mistakes.
- Joseph Chilton Pearce

Nobody likes to make mistakes, do they? Sometimes I really wonder why that is. But then a colleague tells me about her son's school class, in which a large dark cloud and a sun are suspended. Well-behaved children walk towards the sun with small clothespins, children who make mistakes move towards the dark cloud.

This is not meant to be a rant against our education system, but mistakes are simply not intended, mistakes are bad.

Big news: They are not! You learn from mistakes, making mistakes always means the possibility of an apprenticeship, the possibility of further development. You dare!

# 12 criticism

Criticize yourself, but do not despair of it.

It is completely OK to express constructive (!) Criticism of yourself. Here, too, you have the opportunity to change and work on yourself. But please don't be too hard on yourself.

Not only your life itself, but also your soul is precious. Handle with care!

# 13 Ease

The easy way is also the right way.
-Bruce Lee

Free after the Daodejing. Forget the squirrel, which is a laborious feeding force.

It doesn't have to be difficult or hard, it can be easy, it can be fun, fulfilling and easy for you.


# 14 courage

Courage is at the beginning of action, happiness at the end.

Do not stand before the snake like the rabbit. Today I'm back to the little fluffy animals!

But honestly: start moving, start acting and get your big portion of luck!

Action is also my insider tip against sadness and bad mood, because you take your life into your own hands and don't wait until "the universe" sneaks something to you that you may not even want.

# 15 thoughts

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
-Norman Vincent Peale

Phew, I noticed this point very clearly during my therapy. We are often so caught up in our thought patterns that always run according to the scheme F and we often don't even notice it.

Allow yourself to have other thoughts, question your patterns. I now have to laugh at some of my thoughts, even though they seemed completely logical to me a few months ago. By the way, this is exactly why your head is round. So that your thoughts can change direction.

# 16 money

The best things in life are not what money can get.
-Albert Einstein

Love, happiness, contentment, children's laughter, for example!

# 17 completion

Simplicity is the highest level of perfection.
-Leonardo da Vinci

The old master has to know and proves that lightness does not only play a major role in Chinese wisdom.

# 18 New shores

Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is.
-Henry Ford

Next time you're faced with a problem again, try a completely new solution that you've never tried before. Take a different route home, do unusual advertising, suddenly react very differently than usual.

Break out, break your own chains. And discover completely new sides of yourself. You will be amazed at what else lies dormant inside you! And also how problems that have tormented you for a long time suddenly vanish into thin air.

# 19 perfection

You were born to be real, not perfect.

You are really perfect the way you are. Stop striving for stupid ideals, measuring yourself against patterns and templates that are so unnecessary for you. You are in the world to make a difference that only you, a wonderful individual, can do. Don't be a copy, be the original.

# 20 energy

Send out the energy that you want to attract yourself.

The law of attraction is to be used with caution (keyword: accidents and disasters), but this really applies to positive energy.

If you send out what you would like to have in your life, exactly the right people will find you.


# 21 The end

In the end everything will be fine. If it's not good, it's not the end.
-Oscar Wilde

I've saved my own motto for last. It has been with me for several years and so far, yes, so far it has not disappointed me. Everything will always be fine in the end. Point.


3 anti-life mottos

And because I promised you something to laugh about, you will find three anti-life mottos here, which you should definitely not base your precious life on.

# 22 The other

In no case do not make your dreams come true. Live your life the way others expect you to.


# 23 needs

Your own needs are irrelevant. Only the others count.


# 24 work

Spend more time in the office instead of at home. You have enough rest when you are dead.

Hope I don't need a big sign on the last 3 for the irony it says!

And now I'm curious: What is your motto in life?


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