Which are some successful import-export companies

Export regulations in a nutshell

1. Obligations to obtain approval

Authorization requirements can arise from the nature of the goods (list-related), from the intended use of the goods (use-related) or from the person of the recipient (person-related). This is the competent authority for issuing an export license

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  • List-related export license obligations

All goods that are named in the export list (AL) or an appendix to the EC Dual-Use Regulation are subject to approval. Goods that are included in one of the lists usually have special / particular properties that make them interesting for military use: particularly precise machine tools, specially lined pumps or valves, goods intended for special temperature ranges, etc. The description of the goods in the lists is hardly understandable for most businesspeople, they need the support of an engineer.


  • Use-related export license obligations

Exporters who are aware that the goods they deliver are intended or may be intended for NBC weapons or launch vehicles or, in certain countries, for conventional armaments or civil nuclear technology must apply for an export license.


  • Personal export license obligations

In order to combat international terrorism, ordinances have been passed that designate persons who may not be given any economic advantages. You are thus cut off from trading and the capital market. BAFA has published a leaflet on this very problematic topic on its website.

In addition to the export license requirements, there are a number of embargoes. Although there is currently no total embargo, there are a large number of arms and partial embargos. This category also includes the monitoring of the trade in rough diamonds.