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  1. Fucking is actually a vulgar word for sexual intercourse, but it is also used in other contexts. Its English translation, fuck, is one of the Seven Dirty Words prohibited on radio and television in the United States.

    In Central German, because of the commonality with Swedish (see below), probably already in Indo-European, the word meant “to move quickly back and forth”, “rub”, and thus came close to the contemporary meaning.

    This importance is also evident in blacksmithing; After making a sword, which at this point was completely soiled by slag, scale residues and ash, a sandbag was pulled up from the ceiling and the sword thrust into it. From this back-and-forth movement of the sword, ie “fucking a sword”, the job title and, as a result, the surname Schwertfeger arose.

    In the Catalan language, the verb “ficar” mainly means “to stick”; So it is similar to the German origin.

    Not to be confused, however, is the word Ficke, which is still widespread in dialects and family names, for (clothes) bag, which, like the Swedish word ficka, “bag”, can be traced back to compartment. Rather, the English word fuck developed from the Swedish word “focka”, referring to the covering of breeding animals, and thus points to a common root in Indo-European, from which the German and Swedish words emerged.


    Like many metaphors for sexual intercourse, fuck is used today (by men and women) as a vulgar but not necessarily negative word in personal and public intimate language. His English translation, fuck, is one of the seven dirty words banned on radio and television in the United States.

    In addition, the word is also used when a particular intensity is to be emphasized:
  2. "Getting fucked by someone" can mean:
    1. "Get caught by someone", "he fucked me"
    2. "Being beaten up by someone", "I was fucked"
    3. "Being punished by someone", "you fucked me for it"
    4. "To be betrayed by someone"
    5. "Being played a nasty prank by someone or being ripped off (being 'ripped off')"
    6. "To be defeated by someone" ("I fucked you" - I defeated you)
    7. In the military: "being tortured by an instructor through particularly strenuous physical activity"

      and corresponding meanings for the active version “fuck someone” or “get fucked”.
  3. Fucking as a phrase: The phrase "Fuck you (but) on your knee!" Means: "Do what you want" or "Do it yourself" (cf. masturbation).
  4. Fucking is also often used in conjunction with swear words to express anger and dislike of a person.

The use or acceptance and, on the other hand, the tabooing of the word are very different and depend on the culture or subculture and the temporal and geographical classification.

For example, the use of the English translation of ficken to "fuck" is much more widespread in everyday language in the Anglo-American language area than ficken in the German-speaking area. On the other hand, the word is strongly taboo there in almost all media. The use of fuck as a curse word in German can best be compared with the use of the curse "(damned) crap".

The English term fuck as a curse word is increasingly used in the German language. Similarly, the term fucking, which is used as an adjective in English, is increasingly being used in the often incorrectly translated form of fickt in colloquial German (e.g. Get out of my fucking car! Car off!)

The word "fuck" from English can also mean "damn" or "cursed", e.g. B .: What the Fuck! = What the hell! or I don’t give a fuck = I don’t give a shit.

This means that the English word "fuck" has more meanings than "fuck". It is often used for curses of all kinds, such as: B. with the widely used "Fuck off!" - "Piss off!"

Family names such as Fick, Ficken, Ficker, Fickler, Fickeisen, Fickartz, Fickensen, Fucker, Fickenwirt, Fickweiler or Fickenscher are not uncommon in German-speaking countries. Well-known representatives of this family name category are the writer Ludwig von Ficker and the historian Julius von Ficker.

Furthermore, fucking is one of the many names for the trick-guessing card game. In the board game Mühle, Fickmühle was used as a synonym for dilemma. This marked a position of the game pieces in which you always get a new mill by moving just one piece.

Fuck player or fuck player was occasionally used as a term for pickpockets.

A coin was introduced in the Central Hessian county of Solms in 1627, which was popularly called Ficktaler because of the pressed Latin inscription vicarius, here abbreviated here as vic.

The cunning, cunning fox was also popularly known as Fickerich.


The syllables of the word 'fuck' are separated as follows:

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