Why do some people dislike Iggy Azalea

The artists Iggy Azalea and French Montana made themselves unpopular on the net through a picture with an elephant.

No enthusiasm
Animals should be looked after and occupied with them, and not forcing them to wear diamond chains or the like. But that is exactly what has happened now. Rapper Iggy Azalea recently posted a picture on the Instagram social platform showing an elephant wearing jewelry on the occasion of the birthday of French Montana.

Unfortunately, this photo was not so well received by fans of the musicians and was commented on with words such as the following: "I cannot imagine the cruelty and abuse that this elephant had to go through just so that some rich people could have fun. "

Why do you have to torture animals in this way? Probably the most concrete answer to this is: amusement.

The US rapper posted a joint picture with the trunk animal and wrote: "I love animals more than people. All the best for me. Positive vibrations in my home."

However, many fans were not enthusiastic about the photos and were very dissatisfied with his attitude, and another user said, "If you loved animals, you would not be using them for your own entertainment."

Montana wasn't delighted
The rapper was not fond of the harsh words that could be read on the internet. So he responded to the comments in his own way: "Shut up, this elephant was a surprise for my birthday in my garden when I came out. And he was from the zoo and had people to look after him too . "