How did a book change your life?

A book that changed my life

All the authors of this book, dedicated to the publisher Wolfgang Beck on his 65th birthday, do not present their literary favorites, but those books that "have changed their lives". That's how you find out sometimes more from the biography of the authors than from the books. For example, the former Bavarian minister of culture, Hans Maier, presents the children's book "Mozart's Little Notenschule" by Annemarie Neubacher. The historian Fritz Stern writes about Georges Orwell's "1984" and the art historian Hans Belting remembers his first reading experiences with a novella by Balzac about the "Unknown Masterpiece". Hildegard Hamm-Brücher promotes reading Bonhoffer's "Resistance and Surrender" over and over again because it is "a source of strength that gives courage and humility". There is no ranking of the most important books or canons. As a reader, you can also let yourself be driven through these many reading recommendations according to your interests; Discovering previously unknown books is the best part of this book about books.

A book that changed my life

ed. by Detlef Felken
Beck (2007)

497 p.: Ill. (Mostly color)
firmly born

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