Secret service agents can be summoned

Secret services: urgently wanted: hackers for the BND

The coolest spy in the world is of course James Bond. The movie hero who saves the world from ultimate evil on Her Majesty's behalf in a Brioni suit and an Aston Martin. In real life, however, successful intelligence agents don't have to be womanizers like him. For that, modern spies should be pretty good at hacking.

And so the James Bond of today is not an elegantly dressed womanizer, but rather a computer nerd who crouches in front of the screen in a baggy sweater and with greasy hair. Because if you want to fight international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or organized crime successfully, you have to master cyberspace. And it's not about looks.

Hackers as agents: BND is looking for new employees

Because the hacker as such rarely hires himself from the state, the Federal Intelligence Service has decided to take an unusual action. The aim is to find more computer experts for the fight against international threats - and so the foreign intelligence service is now trying to reach the hacker scene on the Internet directly using the choice of words, cyber aesthetics and a special image program.

"We have to speak the language of those who should be interested in us," says BND President Bruno Kahl. That is why a white rabbit with huge pink ears and blue googly eyes has been jumping over various public facades in Berlin for a few days. For this purpose, an Internet address is projected to which the cyber spy of tomorrow can turn. The rabbit motif is based on a scene from the well-known science fiction film "Matrix" - it has cult status in the hacker scene.

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