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Naming of the Jews; Adoption of family names

As a rule, the Jews did not have a fixed family name until the 1930s, but instead had two first names as surnames according to Jewish custom, and besides their own, also their father's.


Samuel Moses = Samuel son of Moses (or in Hebrew Samuel ben Moses). If Samuel had a son who was given the first name Moses, the name Moses Samuel = Moses son of Samuel. This often led to identification difficulties. In Waldeck, therefore, the regulation of February 22nd, 1788 made it compulsory for Jews to use only the name entered in the letter of protection as their sole name in civil life, which was probably ignored in practice, because the regulation of November 13th. In 1838 it was pointed out once again that the naming regulations should be observed. It happened on various occasions that previous first names became family names or that first names were slightly changed or added to family names. Example from Korbach Jews:

The first names Simon, Lazarus and Baer (bear) became corresponding family names. The first name Moses became the family name Mosheim, the first name Marcus to Mark hoff. The Jew Moses Me'ir, (also Meier or Meyer), who immigrated from the Wittgensteiner Ländchen, took on the family name Wittgenstein. The Jew Katz stayed with his name, which has nothing to do with "cat", but is derived from the Hebrew "kohem zedeg" ("just priest"). This title became the family name Katz, which was subsequently used by numerous Korbach Jews. The family name Löwenstern brought with them by the Jews who moved from the neighboring Hessian towns of Höringhausen, Vöhl and Basdorf was even more common. The name is said to have its origin in the fact that a Jewish resident from the Hessian - Waldeck border area made the symbols on the border stones, namely "Lö we" (Hess. Coat of arms) and "Stern" (Waldeck coat of arms) his family name. The name Löwenstern was mainly used by Jewish families in Waldeck and the border area with Hesse.
In the course of the assimilation of the Jews, the Jewish first names were also adapted to the Christian environment, whereby the first letter always remained unchanged.






= Albert




= Ferdinand


= Bernhard


= Louis, Ludwig


= Emil


= Moritz