How do we send photos

WhatsApp: Forward photos with or without text

Do you want to share a picture you received via WhatsApp with your friends? Or have you edited a photo with WhatsApp and sent it to a contact and now want to send it to other people as well? We'll show you how to do this and how you can also forward individual text messages along with the image.

If you have sent a photo via WhatsApp and want to forward it to several contacts without leaving the chat or having to go back to the picture gallery, first tap on the arrow displayed to the left of the file you have sent. Your WhatsApp contacts will then be listed, divided into "Frequently contacted" and "Recent chats". You then select the people you want by ticking the empty boxes with a green check mark.

In the next step, click on "forward" at the bottom right. If you only select one person, you will be taken directly to the respective chat history after forwarding. However, if you select multiple people, you will be back in the original chat.

Forward edited images

This function is particularly useful in connection with the editing options for images. In WhatsApp you can decorate photos with emoji symbols, paintings and text. If you edit an image, for example by inserting an emoji or text, only the original photo is saved in the image gallery without any changes. If you want to send the image again with all adjustments, this only works via the forwarding function.

The forwarding function can also be used for photos that you have received from friends via WhatsApp. The only difference is that the arrow for forwarding is to the right of the image.

Forward photo with caption

If you would like to forward the photo including the caption and selected chat excerpts, press and hold the image and then select “Forward” in the context menu that pops up. You can then place additional ticks in the empty boxes next to the desired text excerpts. Use the arrow at the bottom left to select the people to whom the content should be sent via WhatsApp.

You also have the option of sending the selected content by message, email, etc. To do this, stay longer on the photo, tap on "Forward", but then select the symbol shown at the bottom right next to the text field (box with arrow in the iOS app) and then select the desired "shipping method".

WhatsApp tip: save storage space

Anyone who receives a lot of pictures and videos via WhatsApp should consider whether all this data should really be automatically saved on the smartphone. In particular, if the storage space is limited, it is advisable to change the WhatsApp settings accordingly.