What is the salary of TET teachers

Teacher salary: pay teachers better based on performance?

by ddp (Deutscher Depeschendienst GmbH)
Should teachers' salaries be based on their performance? This is what experts from the Cologne Economic Research Institute suggest. But who should measure what the teachers are doing?

Teachers' salaries rise with years of service - regardless of how much they do. This system must be abolished, demanded experts from the Institute of German Economy (IW) and the Initiative for New Social Market Economy (INSM) this week in Berlin. The employer-related institutes advocated rewarding educators, among other things, for teaching at problem schools or in subjects with a lot of work. Bonuses for leading working groups or graduating classes are also useful.

More motivation through performance incentives

"Performance incentives can motivate teachers and lead to better student performance," said INSM managing director Max Höfer. This would have been shown by studies in countries such as Finland or the Netherlands, which had done particularly well in the Pisa study.

Almost 2.8 billion could be saved

According to the INSM, almost a third of teachers in Germany will retire in the next ten years. According to IW calculations, the federal states save around 616 million euros a year because the teachers who retire usually receive significantly more salaries than their younger successors. By abolishing payment based on years of service, the savings amount could be increased to just under 2.8 billion euros per year, the scientists calculated. With this pot, the federal states could pay premiums for committed teachers.