Japanese futons are comfortable

My experience with the futon, the Japanese bed

My Japanese bed is created

I had a carpenter friend make me a bed with a rigid slatted frame. The bed frame was lower than the traditional beds, which emphasized the Japanese style. But it was not directly on the floor and the futon was also ventilated because it was not directly on the floor. I say goodbye to the thought of rolling up the futon and putting it away every morning, but that was more my convenience.

Since I didn't have to put away the futon, I chose a size of 2m x 2m, because I like to have a lot of space in bed and the standard width of 1m scared me off.

For the futon I decided (Europeans stop) for a somewhat softer version, a latex core futon (comparable to the latex core futon at www.macbett.com/matratzen/futons.html Here you can read the structure of the futon well) The futon was 15cm thick , but the latex core made it really comfortable (and I've tried a lot of futons)
The bed and the slatted frame were perfect. No nail and no screw were installed. Everything had been glued in place. The whole frame was massive, nothing moved, nothing wobbled, nothing squeaked.
And sleeping? Excellent! I was concerned about the hardness and it took me a few days to get used to it, but never had back pain and I slept very well.

Were there any disadvantages?

Yes, there was. I like to sleep on my side, but that's not so comfortable with a futon because the futon doesn't give way in the shoulder area. A higher cushion helped. The care of the futon was also not easy. The futon has to be turned and aired approximately every 2 weeks. The thing was extremely heavy due to its size and thickness. Since the futon was also flexible, it was almost impossible to turn the futon on your own. It's hard to describe, you must have seen it. Comparable to a person who lets everything hang down. No matter where you tackle it, there is always something that is extremely difficult to pull down on the other side ;-)

But all in all, I was satisfied. I slept on the futon for about 7 years. Then I moved and couldn't take the bed glued on site with me. It had to be dismantled with the saw ;-)

Today I sleep on a mattress with an adjustable slatted frame again. Here I can set the desired hardness via the slatted frame and I have it a little softer in the shoulder area. So I can sleep well on my side.