How many black people are there in Mexico?

Why are there no blacks in Mexico?

The problem at home is that my parents have problems with dark skinned people. Today when I had to clean the shop with my parents, the uprising started again. I was in the hallway because my father smoked in the warehouse. In the hallway came 3 African men whom I knew by sight and I greeted them as I always do. But my father heard it and shouted loudly, COME IN IMMEDIATELY !!! And in the storage room he told me how stupid I actually am to be around dark-skinned people. My mother also noticed and told me to stay away from people like that. She also says that all Africans are dangerous, drug addicts and thieves. Of course I confronted her with the sentence that she behaves like Hitle *. Then she told me I raised you so that I want you to stay away from these dangerous af * s. Above all, what I do not understand at all is that she comes up with this thought that Africans carry dangerous diseases with them. So I really thought ohh god.

Not just today, it generally works like that. I plan to travel to Africa someday, but my parents tell me if you do that or even get married to a black woman, God have mercy on you.

Or when I talked to paae African boys, my parents freaked out. In my city there is an African festival every one or two years, and it always has to go secretly. So I keep coming up with excuses because my parents would lock me up. And for the anti-racism demonstration, I also have to make up my mind because I secretly take part.

Ps how are not Germans but from Syria.