What style of clothing for men women hate

20 pieces of clothing that men hate on us!

Tastes are known to be different.
So it is not surprising that we (women) are on fire for certain items of clothing while our partner the beloved part as soon as possible would be banished from our cloakroomWhen it comes to the attractiveness of certain fashion styles, tastes go the male and female fronts so clearly apart.

While the men are us in a perfect combination Figure-hugging and yet not too revealing want to see, it comes down to the women above all Feel-good factor In the following, we will analyze in more detail which items of clothing are a clear “no-go” for men, even if we may not comprehend why the opposite sex can't do anything with these styles.

1. Ballerinas

For years are Ballerinas the trend shoe of the summer.
We dust off the shoe every year and combine it that way diverse how to do it. Whether the classic rounded variant or the pointed shape, if with or without bows - we always find a look for ballerinas.

Men like the ballerina for a special reason Not: Due to the missing sole, the foot looks flat and huge and therefore does not cut a good figure. Now it is not expected that women always have to stroll around in high heels, but a small heel or also modern sneakers would the man's world more likely to say yes.

2. Oversized styles

Women LOVE this look. He looks casual and you can have a lovely long day cuddle in the oversized sweater. Woman does not have to worry about whether you are here or there Bacon rolls sees too much, as all of this is perfectly concealed by the oversize look and the unloved companion is no longer noticeable. In addition, the style both comfortable and elegant be combined.

But why? Think the male creatures.
They like it figure-hugging and can't understand why we want to hide our bodies this way. For them it seems as if women are out of stock in size.

3. Dungarees

Were already in the 80s and 90s Dungarees are the ultimate it-pieceMeanwhile, the one-piece suits are celebrating their big comeback. They are available in all lengths and colors and make a woman's heart beat faster.

The women feel cool and casual, but the dear men don't think so at all. We don't understand, do we?

If you ask around in the men's world, you will find us in dungarees just embarrassing. In addition, some models seem too silty to them, which does not exactly flatter the female figure. Often they also find that parts to the kindergarten or theirs remember pregnant mother in the 80s.

4. Wedges or wedges

Shoes with Inspire wedge heels many of us women. Why? They are the most comfortable high shoes and conjure up beautiful, slim legs at the same time. They are also available in countless variants and styles.
Especially in summer many women resort to this model, because you can combine the sandals wonderfully and add something to every outfit in no time more elegant and make it more adapted to summer temperatures.

If only one could convince the men of this point of view.
They think that the wedge heels anything but attractive look at us. The feet look chunky and the female gait, to which men particularly value, loses through the paragraph of elegance.

5. High waist pants

The high waist pants are not for a while more to imagine a wardrobe without. Women see all advantages in this fit. On the one hand flatters the shape of the cut our waistline and makes our legs look longer. On the other hand concealed the pants wonderfully ours Bacon rolls on the stomach. In addition, you don't have to worry that the Underwear flashes outif you bend down once.

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to use this type of pants to a grandma remind. They also think that the pants make you feel flat bottom make and thus the figure of the woman misshapen works. In her eyes, feminine elegance suffers

6. Ugg boots

Probably no shoe solves one Discussion between man and woman like that Ugg boots. The women enjoy the advantages of the boots in every respect. you are comfortable, casual and keep your feet nice and warm in cold weather. So it is not surprising that we women have all-rounders in every shape and color to be found in the shoe cabinet are.

Unfortunately, men can do not understand.
All they see are chunky feet. In addition, the Ugg boots do not give very much support, so that many women walk around crooked and crooked in the boots. Many men even find the Ugg boots worse than ballerinas.

7. Casual jumpsuits

Women love jumpsuits because they are like that wonderfully cozy are.
They are also super practical: You throw a piece on and you're already dressed. You can wear them casually in everyday life or in the evening. They are also a real eye-catcher for parties and other events. And just between us, who could resist a cute unicorn?

Men don't think that's great at all.
They argue that the wide cut nothing more looks from the figure. Exception: short and figure-hugging models. Then they are no longer reminiscent of a toddler in a romper suit. But whether men ever do that biggest fans of jumpsuits remains questionable.

8. Fur vests

A fur vest made of fake fur is that perfect solution for keeping warm in the Transition period. They make the layered look not only cozy, but also particularly fashionable. In the past you often had the problem that Inferior faux fur was produced and often did not look nice. Today you can often even buy cheap parts no difference more to real fur detect.

With this item of clothing, men tend to think of a very specific one prejudice reminds: fur vests are worn by the old, rich women among us. You will immediately feel a little intimidated.
And for this reason, they would like the fur vest out of our closet banish as soon as possible.

9. Animal print

In the last few years became the animal print back to trend and is very popular among women. He raises his own individuality emerges and sets in fashion statement. Regardless of whether Snake pattern, leo pattern or tiger pattern - It is a Must-have in every wardrobe.

But you can do that with men with this trend make no joy at all. They are allergic to Leo patterns in particular, because from a male point of view, Animal Print still works cheapeven if it cost a fortune. It is there Not relevantwhether the garment is made of silk, jeans or fake fur, you can easily come up with this look not befriend.

10. Leggings

Why we women love our leggings so much? Because they feel like a second skin snuggle up, Nevertheless airy stay and therefore more than comfortable are to be worn.

But this is exactly where the men see the big problem. Almost every woman wears leggings. There are parts of the body emphasized by the pantsthat maybe rather not stressed, rather be concealed should. Plus, they act like one Sweatpants on men, What ultimately not very sexy is. Especially colorful and patterned leggings are a thorn in the side of the men of creation. In addition, men believe we are seeing with leggings never properly dressed.

11. Oversized handbags

Women are known to have them everything in her purse carry around with you. It is therefore not surprising that our bags are getting bigger and bigger. We feel us just finewhen we are well equipped in every situation and it we lack nothing.

From the other side you have to get comments like "Do you want to move out?" when you leave the house with such a huge bag. Why do we need such an oversized bag anyway? But if you are honest, the men are happy when they give you Stow wallet in our pocket, or we anytime Handkerchief ready to have.

12. Unironed clothing

That point can neither women nor men to gain something positive. Understandable, isn't it?
Even our mothers found unironed clothing terrible and absolute mortal sin. You look like you don't care about the outside, no matter how well you are styled around the wrinkled garment. Especially Men can do it do not suffer at allwhen we walk around in crumpled outfits. Especially with blouses and shirts, the unsightly wrinkles are quickly noticeable and negatively catch the eye. So both man and woman should get up pick up the iron and declare war on wrinkled clothes.

13. XXL scarves

In winter you can see it on every street corner: Women who are 90% just made of scarf. We cannot imagine the cold season without this accessory, because obviously they keep us warm and we can look really nice wrap up. In addition, the scarves are available in all imaginable colors and patterns, so that they can be combined with almost any outfit.

What men cannot understand: Why do we mask ourselves upstairs until hardly anything can be seen of us and combine with ankle-free jeans and sneakers that make us freeze in the end? Simply ridiculous from a male point of view.

14. Long cardigans

Cozy and for a large part of the women absolute favorite part: the cardigan. Especially in autumn and winter, we associate the long cardigan with a high feel-good factor and like to combine them with Jeans, dresses or skirts. There are no limits to the styling options and we don't have to worry about freezing. So from a female point of view a win-win situation.

The stupid thing about it is that the cardigan doesn't just reflect the female silhouette veiled, but also still applies boldif it was made of chunky knit. An elegant appearance thus becomes difficult.
A no-go for the men among us, because they want to enjoy our femininity to the fullest.

15. Exaggerated nerd glasses

She leaves every outfit somehow look cooler and more fashionable: the nerd glasses. It gives a fashion-conscious appearance and an intelligent nature. That makes them a trend accessory par excellence. Dark and large glasses frames are just contemporary and from our noses indispensable. At least most women among us think.

The men would probably not find that too bad if they weren't in the nerd glasses negative image would be connected: does she really need the glasses, or is there just window glass behind them? The Hipster trend has grown so fast that most of the time with the glasses only one annoying fashion statement is connected.

16. Platform soles

Women put on plateau, because you can cheat a few centimeters in height through the thick sole and because the shoes are simply comfortable and therefore perfect for everyday life. But if you think that platform soles make the leg look longer, becomes unfortunately disappointed. On the contrary - they even tend to let our legs go shorter Act.

Men find the platform soles just as unattractive as the ballerinas. No matter how much woman is too tried hard - it is simply not physically possible with these shoes a nice walk to have. So we impress men with this shoe rather less.

17. Harem pants

Once more scores an article of clothing by its convenience, because it offers legroom and comfort without end. This is particularly advantageous in summer temperatures. And let's be completely honest: who hasn't always wanted to know how a princess from the Arabian Nights dress and feel? With the with an oriental touch Harem pants are no longer a problem.

As we already know, almost no piece of clothing goes well with them Men on as soon as it is for wife convenient to carry is. And that's exactly how it is with harem pants. The pants do not conjure up a beautiful silhouette and the wide cut leaves the The woman's bottom completely disappears.

18. Paperbag Trousers

There are looks that men just don't understand. The paperbag pants are currently definitely on trend and many women are totally into it. They make for a casual look, but can be combined with a blazer and high heels also elegant in the office be worn. We love the pants especially because the high waistband gives us a particularly slim waist.

Meanwhile the men ask themselves: Why do you have to pull your pants over your belly button? and why does the bund look like a gift box? Even if the ladies world This cannot understand it is a trend from a male point of view not fast enough can be over.

19. Jeans in boots

As soon as autumn knocks on the door, you can see them everywhere: women with their jeans tucked into their boots. The top trend from the 80s is back and we celebrate it like never before. Whether ankle boots or biker boots, no boot is safe from this trend. But beware: The look can only really come into its own with tight jeans or leggings.

When it comes to jeans stuffed into calf-length boots, however, men are reminded of that typical horse girl reminds. This is not fundamentally a problem, but if you don't want to be afflicted with this image, you should keep your hands off this trend.

20. Babydoll dresses

The babydoll dress is probably one of the most popular cuts that we women wear. The clothes are short and airy, but thanks to the loose silhouette you don't look too naked in spite of everything, but always well dressed. We are total in love with the sweet and girlish cut.

Men see the well-known problem here: the figure!
Where is her waist? She is pregnant? What does she want to hide under this dress? So you can use this look not really something positive to win. If we are just out with friends, all these problems are not really bad, but if we go on a date and want to please our male, we should pay a little attention to such things.