Gives Dollar General employee discounts

Daimler-Chrysler activated the former CEO Iacocca for an advertising campaign.

new York - The tough price war on the US auto market is making manufacturers inventive. After market leader General Motors was the first of the three American car groups to offer its cars with a 35 percent discount and thus at so-called staff prices in June, the Ford Motor Company and Daimler-Chrysler have now also joined the discount war. Daimler-Chrysler is now even activating former Chrysler boss Lee Iacocca for an advertising campaign. He had led the company out of impending bankruptcy into profitability in the 80s, but retired in 1993. “If you find a better car, buy it,” was his slogan at the time. The third largest US car manufacturer, which today belongs to Daimler-Chrysler AG, has decided to bring back the successful advertising campaign with Iacocca in the lead role. In the new version, however, his saying comes from the mouth of the actor Jason Alexander, known from the television series "Seinfeld".

Significant increase in sales

Chrysler is not only offering a new advertising campaign, but has also been offering staff discounts to all buyers since the beginning of this week. General Motors just extended the discount campaign until August 1st, and Ford has recently started offering high discounts. In this way, all three want to reduce their piles of unsold cars. Thanks to the discounts, GM's sales rose 41 percent to 560,000 units in June. GM's market share rose to 27.1 percent in June from 25.9 percent in May. Number one success came at the expense of Ford and Chrysler, both of which sold significantly fewer cars.

Ford does not only rely on discounts, but also on “referrals”. Employees and retirees receive a bonus when they give cars to family members, friends and relatives. $ 50 for the first and $ 75 for the second car should boost sales.

The victims of the price war are the foreign brands, which are already suffering from the strong euro. VW's sales fell by 16 percent in June. Even at BMW, a slump of 3.3 percent is noted compared to the same month last year. Porsche has to accept a drop in sales of at least seven percent. Only Mercedes shines with a plus of four percent. Mercedes itself has so far only given discounts to top customers. As the industry journal "Automotive News" reported, Maybach buyers in the hotel industry were granted discounts of up to $ 50,000. (with rin)