How can I create a personal blog

How to create a personal blog on Instagram: from Android and iPhone

How to create a personal blog on Instagram is a question the solution of which will allow you to maintain your own page on the social network with fun and useful information. This article describes the methods of creating a personal topic page and the main benefits a person can get by using this page.



What is a personal blog on Instagram?

In fact, this is a special business profile of the photo network in which the phrase “personal blog” is written in gray letters on the cap. This information is written directly under the name.
Setting this option is not allowed in the default account, but in the company.

To have such a page available, you need to link it to your Facebook account. After joining, you can select a page and specify its category. The content of the inscription in the header is determined here. Wanted to choose a personal blog.

After a simple operation, the profile is equipped with chips and rises an order of magnitude higher than the accounts. You can also enter personal contact information. This can be a cell phone number, an email address, and the location of an office or business.

What is a personal blog for?

This profile category indicates that the owner is determined to take their own blog seriously. You can monetize your profile. At the same time options like:

  1. Study statistics. It is allowed to display and analyze the results of activities. The section contains information such as the number of visitors, likes and subscribers. This is a useful option to let you know that everything was done correctly.
  2. Profile advertising. For unsuspecting users, the concept of targeted advertising is considered unclear. Even so, it is a very important tool for advertising. If a business account is available, there is no need to deal with advertising. Just click the "Apply" button regularly. To advertise yourself, follow the instructions.

At the end of the process, the desired data set and the personal information entered will be displayed in the profile. If there are any errors, just update the application and let the developers know. Administrators fix bugs quickly.

How to Create a Personal Blog on Instagram: The Top Ways?

After solving the question of how to create a personal blog on Instagram or Facebook, or check performance, a person can experiment and transfer information from one resource to another. To avoid problems creating your own personal blog page, rely on specific instructions.

On Facebook

There are many ways to create an account, but the method associated with using Facebook is considered to be the best. The scheme of action in this case is as follows:

  • The Insta application opens and the authorization is carried out in the profile.
  • On the main page, click Options or Settings, which looks like a gear.
  • At the bottom is the Switch to Company Profile button. Next, the software requests access to the page on Facebook. You need to click on it and confirm the terms.
  • The program offers to create a page in the FB if ​​this has not yet been created.
  • Information about you will be entered and additional buttons will appear for communication.

The corresponding status then appears on the page. You can create a regular page. To do this, deactivate the blog.

Without Facebook

If there is no page on this social network, then you will need to create it because the procedure will not work without an account. If you study the video, it becomes clear that in such a case it is necessary to carry out such simple manipulations:

  1. Switches to the page settings.
  2. Selection of a section with a switch to the entrepreneur profile.
  3. The Next button is pressed.
  4. Link to another social network.
  5. The category is selected - main and additional category. Here you need to choose a blog inscription.

At the end of the process, all you need to do is click Finish. A label with the user name is then displayed in the page header.

Via phone

If, with a smartphone, you decide how to subscribe to a personal blog on Instagram, you need to follow a similar approach. First, create a business account on the site. It should be noted immediately that such a process is only possible for phones running on Android and IOS.

If you have such a device at your disposal, you need to go to settings and create a business profile. After that, you can read the information about the features of the profile and view the list of friends who have already signed in.


If a person has a smartphone of this operating system, you will need to use the FB social network account to set up a record of your personal profile. You cannot do without it. If you don't already have a page, you'll need to create one. For example, once the page is available, you should enable the following options:

  • Name for public FB;
  • Category pages and blogs;
  • Subcategory of a personal blog;
  • Click on Continue.

After following simple steps, a popular page for an FB user will be considered created. You can create a signature and start maintaining a section.


In this case, the person must also configure the entrepreneur's profile. To do this, you need to register data for communication:

  1. Mailbox.
  2. Mobile number.
  3. The address.

After entering the information, you need to click Finish. Next, the person sees the greeting and offers to switch to the profile they just created. You have to agree to it by filling out the link available.

After a similar operation in Insta, the coveted inscription will appear. If friends ask how it was done, you can retell them the instructions. There are no problems with the operation.

Via computer

At the moment there is no such opportunity. Even if you enter the profile through the official website or special Windows application, the required option will not appear. The only thing that can be offered is the use of a special emulator for Android BlueStacks.

This is quite a difficult program, but if there aren't any other options, you can download it and do a standard install. The scheme of action in a similar situation looks like this:

  1. Go to the program under the account.
  2. Have to go to Playmarket.
  3. Insta application is found and installed.
  4. The authorization in the photo network takes place.
  5. Create a business page.

Getting an entrepreneur profile through a PC is pretty easy. The actions are no different from those performed on a smartphone.

What is a personal Instagram blog?

After receiving a personal blog on a social network, the user will get the following benefits:

  • Orientation towards communication with the user;
  • Quick contact with the owner by mail or phone;
  • Keep statistics.

If you don't want or need to use this version of the page in place of a personal blog, you can include the public character or artist category in the profile heading. Combining this option with filling the blogger page with attractive content can quickly increase the number of views and user reach. It doesn't matter if you already have an account or need to create one.

In summary

Owners of accounts on a social network often wonder how to write to a social network from a computer or phone, which shows that this is an interesting personal blog. In order not to spend a lot of time performing the described procedure without Facebook, it is enough to follow the instructions and recommendations in the article. The prescribed action schemes for Android and iPhone are ideal for different categories of business platforms and for all mobile versions.