Why wasn't Craigslist replaced

Craigslist is removing adult ads

Craigslist, the world's largest classifieds provider on the Internet, has censored its adult ad space for the US market following continued public criticism. Outside the country, the entries are still available. The company management has so far not made an official statement for its actions, reports the BBC.

Heavy criticism

The corresponding areas on the website have only been replaced with the message "Censored". In the past, Craigslist was repeatedly and heavily criticized: Prosecutors and interest groups described the corresponding ads as a virtual platform for pimps and prostitutes.

Last year Craigslist had already replaced the previous free erotic area with a paid service - after official criticism from 40 public prosecutors. In addition, from this point on, every advertisement should be checked before it is published. Craigslist would have "fulfilled its task beyond the legal requirements," said Craigslist boss Jim Buckmaster in a statement last May.

The website is "leading in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation". Critics, however, confronted Craigslist with serious allegations. The site would, for example, facilitate child prostitution, the opponents say. The company recently came back into the public eye after a prison inmate killed himself who was accused of murdering a masseuse he is believed to have met through Craigslist.

Praise for erotic lock

The public prosecutor's office praised the blocking of the erotic area on the website. "We welcome every step toward removing the adult and prostitution ads as we have requested, and will continue to monitor the company," said Connecticut State Attorney Richard Blumenthal. Craigslist should now serve as a model for other sites. (pte)