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¡Pura Vida! Our large COSTA RICA series awaits you in the next few weeks!

¡Ahoy & pura vida, piratas!

Do you already dream of traveling to distant countries at night? We speak from experience ... dream worlds full of dense rainforests, active volcanoes, impressive mangroves, endless sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs and exotic animals - you want to slumber right away, right? This paradise is not just an illusion, it is just a 12-hour flight from Germany:

Welcome to Costa Rica!

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When you think of Costa Rica, you think of most of all Sloths? Understandable, after all, the cute, albeit very slow, mammals are really a very special species. But Costa Rica has a lot more to offer! The country is a paradise for biodiversity and is home to 6.5% of the entire flora and fauna of the planet. Season is here 365 days a year and you want to use it on as many days as possible, because the small country in Latin America has so much to offer that you don't even know where to start.

To make the decision a little easier for you or to fully convince you of this dream travel destination, we're starting today with ours Costa Rica series! A wide variety of articles await you in the coming weeks that will make you dream. You can find out which topics you can look forward to further down in the text. And since we of course want you to experience the country not only on screen, but also live and in color, there are a lot of great deals on top of that! You will of course also receive exclusive pirate tips from us, after all, we have already been there ourselves.

Why did we choose Costa Rica in such difficult travel times? Because the country that perfect travel destination during and after the corona pandemic is! You can read below in the text why that is, what makes Costa Rica so safe, what restrictions there are in the country at the moment and why entry is not that complicated at the moment.

By the way, a trip to Costa Rica is almost like that suitable for everyone. It does not matter whether you come to Costa Rica as an individual tourist by rental car or for a round trip - the country is very easy to travel to all year round. In addition, Costa Rica is one of the safest travel destinations in Latin America, has political stability, an excellent education system and a modern infrastructure. The country doesn't even have a military and is considered very peaceful.

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Corona & entry requirements

A trip to Costa Rica is impossible under the current conditions? Not even close! As we all know by now, Corona has really not made traveling any easier. But countries like Costa Rica are proving to be true pioneers when it comes to hygiene and safety! You can now find out which corona measures currently apply in Costa Rica and why the small country is suitable as a travel destination during and after the pandemic:

What exactly does a trip to Costa Rica look like at the moment and what do you have to show when entering the country?

Entry to Costa Rica is again permitted for tourism, regardless of the place of departure or previous stays in third countries. You can enter via the international airports in San José and Liberia. There are now direct flights from Germany to San José again. Lufthansa flies from Frankfurt to Costa Rica twice a week. With a stopover there are also flights from all other German Lufthansa feeders.

Here you can find flights to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is currently still classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute. This means that when you return to Germany you have to go into 10-day quarantine and have a Corona-PCR test carried out. The quarantine can be ended with another negative corona test on the fifth day after entry at the earliest. Overall, the small country of Costa Rica is less affected by COVID-19. The regional focus is on the larger cities.

Before entering Costa Rica is the health form Pase de Salud to be completed online. You will then receive a QR code that you will show upon entry. In addition, a foreign health insurance must be taken out, which covers corona treatment in an emergency. Proof of insurance in English or Spanish is required. In addition, hotel quarantine insurance must be taken out. Unfortunately, the German travel insurances do not provide the required coverage for a possible hotel quarantine. But you can take out this with a Costa Rican insurance. You can choose between the companies INS (a state insurance company) or Sagicor (a private company). You can take out the insurance directly via the respective websites. Sagicor is especially worthwhile for shorter trips. The insurance costs US $ 11.30 per person / day, but there are also family passes. At INS, the amount depends on the age of the traveler and the duration of the trip. However, this insurance is usually cheaper for longer stays.

German citizens need to travel to Costa Rica for tourist purposes no visa for up to 90 days.

Further information on entry is available here.

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What are the corona restrictions? [Status: 01/14/2021]

  • Tourists can currently only travel through by air via the airports of San José and Liberia.
  • There are bus connections to all parts of the country, but the frequency is sometimes low.
  • Mask is compulsory in closed rooms and national parks.
  • There are sometimes curfew hours (e.g. for restaurants, beaches, etc.), but these change very often. It is best to find out about the current regulations at the Federal Foreign Office or directly via Visit Costa Rica before your trip.

Why is Costa Rica the perfect travel destination during and after the coronavirus pandemic?

  1. Because Costa Rica doesn't know mass tourism! You are generally not overrun by tourists here, and even less so during the pandemic. Costa Rica is more characterized by sustainable ecotourism than by mass tourism. Therefore, what attracts the most to Costa Rica is nature! Fresh air, rainforests, national parks - you will hardly spend your time here in overcrowded cities. The country's beaches are never full. Social distancing works all by itself!
  2. Because Costa Rica has developed a very strong hygiene and safety concept! Hotels and restaurants regularly disinfect their facilities, and extreme cleanliness and safety prevail at all prominent points. There are hand washing and disinfecting stations everywhere - even in front of the national parks. The body temperature is also measured here before entry and personal data is recorded to track possible chains of infection. National parks are also only used to a maximum of 50% with visitors. The country even has that for that Safety travel stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council. The global tourism organization awards the label to destinations for having implemented improved health and safety measures. Compliance with the WTTC health protocols is a prerequisite for receiving the Safe Travel stamp. The latter were developed to ensure safe travel even during the corona pandemic.
  3. Because Costa Rica has really good health care! It is even considered to be the best healthcare in Latin America. There is a good network of health centers throughout the country. You can also find some German-speaking doctors here. The private clinics are staffed by English-speaking staff and offer the highest level of medical care.

Would you like to find out more about the current situation in Costa Rica? The video journalist Sven Klawunder took a look at the situation and the Corona measures on site in September 2020:

What topics can you expect from us in the next few weeks?

Nature / outdoor: Most visitors come to Costa Rica for nature and biodiversity. Although the country is only slightly larger than Switzerland, it has infinity many exotic animal and plant species and fantastic ecosystems. You will find 900 species of birds as well as hundreds of species of mammals and reptiles. The diversity of the landscape doesn’t get boring either: beaches, rainforests, volcanoes - all of this can be found on a land area of ​​51,100 km². Over 26% of the country has been declared a national park and is therefore under nature protection.

Do you want more action? No problem! White water rafting, kayaking, surfing, diving, hiking, mountaineering ... just to name a few of the activities that await you in Costa Rica. There are plenty of outdoor activities here. So you see, there is so much to discover here in a small area! You will find out exactly what all of this is in the next few weeks.

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Sustainability: Costa Rica has set itself the goal of becoming the first carbon neutral country in the world by 2021. With the title "Champion of the Earth" they have already been awarded by the UN in 2019. So much commitment to the environment is obviously transferred to the residents too, because Sustainability is deeply anchored in the culture here and is reflected in the Costa Rican cuisine, handicrafts and customs and traditions. Almost 99% of the country's electricity is generated from renewable energy reserves. In addition, Costa Rica is committed to protecting its forests and wildlife. Tourists can even offset the CO2 emissions of their trip from now on. How it works, what else the country is doing in terms of sustainability and how it is promoting ecotourism, you can find out from us!

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Beaches: A real specialty in Costa Rica: You can here Beaches on two oceans visit. On the one hand the Atlantic awaits you on the Caribbean coast and on the other hand you can make a detour to the Pacific. There are 320 kilometers in between.

When it comes to beaches, Costa Rica is darn diverse! White and black dream beaches where the jungle stretches right up to the sea, lonely bays, coral reefs ... We will be introducing you to the most beautiful ones in the next few weeks!

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Culture: ¡Pura Vida! This is not only the greeting of the Ticos, the inhabitants of Costa Rica, but also their attitude towards life. The "pure life" The motto here is to enjoy with all your senses! The Costa Ricans are among the happiest people in the world - and you can tell by them. Don't let the Hospitality of the Ticos enchants, dances to the sounds of calypso and reggae music, enjoys traditional dishes like Gallo Pinto and immerse yourself in the culture of the country with us!

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Wellness / experience / luxury: If you follow us carefully, you have already read about forest bathing with us. This is a health trend in which you fully immerse yourself in the forest and absorb your energy. Pure relaxation! Costa Rica is bursting with nature, so what could be better than a wellness vacation! Authentic nature experiences, paired with modern infrastructure, provide the necessary basis for relaxation. Hike through quiet valleys, explore deep green rainforests and sunbathe on endless tropical beaches! Costa Rica also offers soothing natural wellness: Here you can, for example, take a bath in hot volcanic thermal springs or let yourself be rubbed off with a peeling made from volcanic mud.

You can not expect classic 5-star luxury here, but first-class Luxury for body and soul! It starts with the unique accommodations in the country: With a view of a volcano, surrounded by the beautiful twittering of birds in the jungle or in an eco-lodge right by the sea, you sleep twice as well! Luxury in Costa Rica is not tied to material things. Nevertheless, you don't have to do without a high level of comfort and good gastronomy, of course. Immerse yourself with us in the newly defined luxury of Costa Rica!

... and otherwise of course: Deals, Deals, Deals !! Extraordinary accommodations, flights, luxury and much more will be available for you in the next few weeks. Would you like to book a Costa Rica deal right now?

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Are you now interested in Costa Rica and would you like to find out more about the beautiful country in Latin America? Then keep an eye out for our special articles and deals in the coming weeks!

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