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"College tennis player on summer break"

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The topic of today's article is what happens when the university is closed and there are no lectures to be taken: The summer vacation. Typically, you get a scholarship for the duration of your bachelor's degree (4 years) and that means 3 summer holidays. Because the fall semester in the USA starts earlier (August), the summer vacation is also pushed forward and it starts in June.

Depending on what your ambitions as an athlete and student are, the design of the summer months can be quite different from each other:

I - The Classical Student
After a strenuous year and a large number of exams at the end of the semester, many students feel no different from their colleagues who study at home. Holidays at long last and at least two months without any obligations! Summer may even be felt much more intensely after not seeing family and friends for most of the year. Especially in the first summer it can be quite a change that can quickly lead you to mainly do nothing at all.
Of course, this also includes going on vacation. After a year in college, you will most likely have new friends with people from completely different parts of the world - most of them other tennis players or athletes. Many of them have become substitute families during the school year and it is more than obvious that they use the summer to visit each other.

II - The worker
After the first two years in which you slowly but surely get an idea of ​​what you might want to do professionally, the summer is of course also ideal for college tennis players to get their first work experience through internships.
Often at home in Austria to have at least a bit of the best time of the year at home or abroad to make your résumé even more interesting.
Don't forget that during the school year in the USA you make a lot of contacts that can open interesting doors for internships abroad. As a foreign student, you also have the opportunity to do an internship in the USA with a work permit.
In addition to work experience, an increased budget will certainly not hurt for the next academic year ...

III - The ambitious

Depending on which sporting goals you pursue or how the college season went, there are many players who use the summer months to train intensively and to play tournaments.
Maybe the college coaches require you to complete some training program? Maybe it is planned that you will play in a higher position in the team for the next season and that you therefore know for yourself that you have to improve your level or even have to prove to the coach that you can take the next step.
Whatever the reason, some use the time to visit national tournaments, while others try their luck internationally and get their first ATP or WTA points.

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In the next article we will introduce you to how the first few weeks at the university for freshmen go and which typical problems can arise ...

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