Could angels be sexless


Why are angels always male? Is there an answer to that? R. S., 01109 Dresden

Sometimes they are depicted as small round children, similar to Cupid who shoots the arrows of love, but mostly as young men with and without wings, in simple robes, armor or the habit of a monk. Over the millennia, angels have again and again assumed different forms in the minds of people. These ideas come from the Tanakh, the Bible and the Koran and from the legends of saints, popular sagas or fairy tales. They seem to have one thing in common: the angel is usually a figure that appears masculine.

The great medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas had come to the conclusion in his main work that angels are pure form, that is, they do not consist of matter at all, and therefore cannot be male either. In the Old Testament, this doesn't seem so certain. So the angels who save Lot and his family from Sodom come to him as men. (Genesis 19) Rafael, the angel who accompanies Tobit on his journey, is also described as a young man. (Tobit 5,5) In addition, angels in the languages ​​of the Bible are always associated with the masculine gender, that is, they are linguistically treated like men. Obviously there is a tendency to think of angels as male beings. The women at the empty grave also perceive the angels as men. (Luke 24,4)

Jesus obviously disagreed. In a dispute with the scribes about the resurrection, he reveals that angels have no sexuality and are therefore neither women nor men: “When people rise from the dead, they do not marry nor allow themselves to be married, but they are like the angels in heaven. ”(Mark 12:25) It becomes clear that angels really have nothing in common with our earthly conceptions of people. They are first and foremost messengers of God and they only exist as such. You are, so to speak, a sensual perceptible call from God - and therefore certainly neither man nor woman.

Christoph Buysch