What are some cheap souvenir ideas


Souvenirs have a bad image. Often rightly so, but if you go through your holiday with your eyes open, you can find small treasures instead of buying mementos from the junk shop at the last minute. The gentleman's blog about the souvenir phenomenon.

No trip without a souvenir

We come across souvenirs on almost every trip. At the rest stop, at the train station, at the airport or at the destination, tourists are literally forced on them. Souvenirs are a cultural phenomenon. The word souvenir comes from French and simply means "memory" or "keepsake". The proverbial comprehensible thing refers to immaterial and thus difficult to grasp values ​​such as memories or feelings of an event, a place or a person. It thus becomes a door to the past.

Bulk goods from Asia

An entire industry lives from throwing souvenirs on the market as globalized mass goods for the tourists of this world. Regardless of whether a woman's bag says a hundred times Paris, New York or Berlin, the homeland of these products is usually Asia. The same applies to the small Eiffel towers, pyramids or Cologne cathedrals. From a souvenir perspective, the whole world is a village, because in the Far East there are often only a few meters between the Rhine and Hudson Rivers and between the Seine and Thames.

Individual souvenirs lurk around every corner

Souvenir shops often look like cheap junk shops, where each item is available umpteen times at overpriced prices. You don't buy the really interesting souvenirs in tourist centers, you come across funny unique items or local handicrafts more or less by chance. Souvenirs can also be things that at first glance have no value, but are charged with a very individual meaning by the traveler. Examples of this could be a sack with small stones from your favorite part of the coast, a bottle of sand (classic), a menu or even crown corks of exotic types of beer. So the value is in the eye of the beholder. Everything can be a souvenir! Anyone who walks through the world with an open, interested look can find little treasures at any time.

The gentleman and the souvenirs

A gentleman brings his loved one with at least a little something from every trip. What it is is actually of secondary importance, because the gesture is what counts. But if the souvenir is personal attention and ideally another one story if this is part of it, it will increase the joy of seeing each other many times over.

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