Why is building interesting


With us you build naturally healthy, verifiably CO2-neutral, resource-saving and energy-efficient. Our environmental management has received several awards in the past, including with the German Sustainability Award.
With houses from Baufritz you are doing something sustainably good for yourself and the environment and you can look forward to a high level of value security for your house.
We have been building our Baufritz houses from wood since 1896. This has several advantages: the material wood is not only sufficiently available with sustainable reforestation, but can also be returned to the natural cycle after use. In addition, our houses bind CO2 instead of emitting something new, as our excellent gray energy balance shows. With every Baufritz wooden house, we reduce more than 40 tons of CO in the long term2. This value corresponds to the average carbon dioxide emissions of a mid-range vehicle in 20 years with an annual mileage of 10,000 km. Your contribution to environmental protection, which you get from us free of charge!
We have been committed to environmental and climate protection for decades out of deep conviction. Since then, we have put our processes to the test several times, continuously improved and set new standards for ecological building with numerous in-house developments and patents.
  • We were the first German house building company to be certified with the eco-audit back in the 1990s.
  • our 37 cm thick full values ​​wall is made almost entirely of the natural material wood and reduces the annual energy consumption enormously
  • our patented wood chip insulation is the world's 1st cradle-to-cradle-certified sustainable natural insulation material.
  • this specially developed wood chip insulation HOIZ is made from waste wood
  • Our triple-glazed wood-aluminum windows, which are built in without chemicals, are accurate to the millimeter and guarantee perfect thermal insulation
  • With the most innovative house and intelligent ventilation technology, all natural energy resources are optimally used.
    The result: lowest energy consumption and enormous CO2-Reduction
For our commitment to environmental and climate protection, we were named "Germany's Most Sustainable Company" in 2009 and received the B.A.U.M. in 2013. Environmental award. Only with Baufritz you can build excellently ecologically!
We have been purchasing and producing our electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources since 2008 and before Fukushima. We even produce a large part ourselves. This is made possible by three photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our exhibition and production halls with an output of 420 kW. We also use the electricity we produce to supply our electric vehicles. Because we want our CO in the long term when it comes to mobility2-Reduce emissions. The conversion of our vehicle fleet to diesel hybrid drives or electric vehicles has already started at Baufritz. Baufritz always sets a good example!
The three photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the Baufritz buildings in Erkheim have been producing environmentally friendly electricity since 2005 (as of the end of 2011). This corresponds to a saving of 1,200 tons of CO2 and about 1.5 kg of nuclear waste avoidance.
With just a small gesture, you can achieve great things! For a better climate, we are planting a tree in our climate protection forest on your behalf. We will cover the costs of the campaign for you. Our climate protection project is supported by ex-Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and the Green politician Claudia Roth, among others.
If you would like to become part of this climate protection initiative, please fill out our form.
has planted Baufritz alone in the last 15 years. 12,000 pieces on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the renaturation of some mountain slopes in the Allgäu protective forest area and around 3,000 pieces in our own climate protection forest in the vicinity of the Baufritz company premises.