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The 10 best gourmet restaurants in Europe

From TRAVELBOOK | September 21, 2020, 11:02 a.m.

Based on the reviews by the users, the travel portal Tripadvisor has again created a list of restaurants where you can dine best in the world. TRAVELBOOK shows the top gourmet temples in Europe, including a German restaurant.

Every year Tripadvisor presents the “Travelers‘ Choice Award ”in different categories. There is also an award for friends of sophisticated culinary delicacies: In the “Gourmet Restaurants” category, the best addresses for fine dining are chosen.

The best restaurants in Europe are in France

France and Great Britain are particularly often represented in the top ten of this year's European rankings, each with three places - with France winning the two top places for themselves. Spain appears with two restaurants in the ranking, Germany with one.

The first-placed restaurant is the Auberge Du Vieux Puits in the southern French municipality of Fontjoncouse, which has already earned three Michelin stars. “It is really a pleasure to see how dishes and taste are celebrated here! An unbelievable taste experience ”, writes a Tripavisor user in his review.

Number 6 of the best restaurants in Europe goes to Germany

According to Tripavisor, “Restaurant 5” in Stuttgart is the best restaurant in Germany and number 6 in Europe. It impresses with a special concept of gourmet restaurant, bar, café and lounge. Anyone who eats here is made happy, as this review on Tripadvisor shows: “The meal was simply a dream, from the first to the last course it was always an experience. Seldom eaten so fine. "

The 10 best restaurants in Europe at a glance:

1st place: Auberge Du Vieux Puits, Fontjoncouse, France

2nd place: La Ville Blanche, Rospez, France

3rd place: The Black Swan at Oldstead Oldstead, United Kingdom

4th place: La Maison d’à Côté restaurant, Montlivault, France

5th place: The Fat Duck, Bray on Thames, United Kingdom

6: 5, Stuttgart, Germany

7th place: L’Enclume, Cartmel, United Kingdom

8th place: Azurmendi, Larrabetzu, Spain

Rank 9: Ciel Bleu Restaurant, Amsterdam, Netherlands

10th place: Martin Berasategui, Lasarte, Spain

The methodology behind the ranking

How does the ranking come about? Using an algorithm, Tripadvisor determines the winners every year. The reviews of Tripadvisor users within the last twelve months are taken into account and analyzed according to various criteria. Both the quantity and the quality of the reviews flow into the evaluation, which is why the number of points alone is not decisive for the placement.

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