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A Cambridge professor's anti-booze email causes resentment

What at first sounds like a relatively harmless reminder email from a worried lecturer has caused some displeasure online. Because according to a post in a Facebook group of the students and the comments below, many see this mail as a symptom of the pressure to perform that not only prevails in Cambridge, but is celebrated as a unique selling point of the university.

It is forgotten how much the immense pressure puts the mental health of many students at risk. Freshmen in particular felt under pressure from the very first moment and some even developed serious mental disorders in the course of their studies. Others would never lose the fear of not studying lawfully at university.

Basically, the professor says: You won't be able to complete your studies anyway

If the professor reminds you right at the beginning of your studies that you will probably not be able to complete your studies anyway because you lack the intellectual capacity for it, it is extremely demoralizing, according to the critics. The Student Minds Cambridge group, which cares for the mental health of students on campus, said in a statement: “This is an extremely unhealthy and dangerous way to live. We encourage everyone to enjoy life and put themselves first.

We are very concerned that this email could be extremely harmful to student mental health. (...) It is important to remember that there are many different reasons why people get different grades, and a bad grade doesn't mean they are out of place here. "

Professor Terentjev has not yet commented on the subject, and the university management has not yet issued a statement.