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Travel report: Asia intensive and authentic

All the countries I visited were incredibly impressive and each one captivated me in its own way.

1st stage: China

Starting in China, where I especially appreciated the seclusion far away from mass tourism. Everything seemed very authentic and untouched to me. I really liked the simple life and the friendliness and satisfaction of the locals. We were a bit surprised by the rather cold temperatures. Thanks to our great guide, who incidentally spoke perfect German, we received a lot of additional information about the country and its people. I and my travel partner really liked the country and I will definitely travel to China again at some point.

2nd stage: By bike in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Our trip to Vietnam continued. I also liked Vietnam a lot and I found the route from Hanoi to Saigon perfect because it was very versatile. It was still quite cold in Hanoi, while it was already hot in Saigon. I liked Hanoi and the tour in the Mekong Delta best. I was a little disappointed with Hoi An and the Lantern Festival, as I hadn't imagined the whole thing to be so touristy. But the bike tour in the Mekong Delta was really fun and we saw and experienced a lot. I would also like to highlight the delicious food.

3rd stage: Myanmar

From Vietnam it went on to Myanmar. I would do the route again in a moment, because I got a very diverse impression of the country. Even though there were a few domestic flights, everything went stress-free and worked like clockwork. In general, I was very satisfied with the agency in Myanmar. Everything was always wonderfully organized and I was always well informed. I also really liked the recommended day boat tour on the Ayeyawardy River. At first I thought this boat trip might be a bit long, but the time flew by. This beautiful country with the friendly people left a deep impression on me and I will definitely visit it again.

4th stage: India

Finally, I visited India (Rajasthan) with my husband, which was absolutely exciting. The tour was very varied and we experienced a lot despite a short time. The guides were great too. We especially enjoyed the market visits, as we could really mingle with the people. We also found Pushkar very nice, as you could visit the city yourself without any problems and thus got a great impression of the country and its people.

We found all accommodations from China to India great and we would book them again.

Best regards

S. Reichmuth

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