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What personal requirements do I have to meet for a career in nursing management?

Students ask, students answer:

I am good with people and am a communicative person. But what requirements should I have for studying nursing management and a later job in nursing management?

Jeanette, student at Frankfurt University

In addition to the skills that one should have for a nursing profession (including, for example, empathy, commitment, communication, etc.), nursing management also needs analytical skills and economic understanding. It is important to understand the interrelationships in the health system and in the hospital itself in order to be able to manage properly. I also consider professional experience to be very important. It helps in your studies because you get a better relationship with the topics and it is easier to start your career after your studies because hardly anyone hires a nursing manager or similar who has no experience.

Andreas, student at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau

In my opinion, the following qualities are most important in order to get through studies well and to be happy with your job:

Determination, leadership, high level of expertise, political interest, empathy, social empathy, business interest, basic psychological skills in leadership, customer orientation, high resilience, critical faculties and the acceptance of women in management positions.

Julian, student at the W├╝rzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences

You should be able to organize yourself well: This is expressed in structured learning and good time management. Patience is also an important quality.

Alexandra, student at Frankfurt University

Communication skills and good dealing with people are definitely desirable skills for a good career in nursing management. Among the other requirements, I would include the ability to act with the competencies of personal competence, professional competence, social competence and methodological competence, which can be expanded and consolidated through professional experience as well as within the study. The development of personal skills depends on the motivation, commitment and interest of the individual.

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