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Arne Düsterhöft
Telecommunications expert as of April 01, 2021

Arne Düsterhöft

Arne Düsterhöft is an editor for telecommunications and digital. Before that he was a volunteer in the editorial team of Finanztip. He gained his first practical experience in the online editorial team of teltarif.de, where he also wrote about digital technologies and telecommunications. After spending semesters abroad in Dublin and New York, Arne Düsterhöft completed his master's degree in theater studies at the Free University of Berlin.

  • Your own smartphone only becomes really practical with good internet reception and sufficient data volume. No smartphone tariff can do without Internet via LTE.
  • Anyone who switches from a classic mobile phone to a smartphone needs a new SIM card.
  • For those who make frequent calls, we recommend an all-network flat rate in the O2 network (best price) or in the D network (higher price, better performance).
The Finanztip recommendations for ...
  • Frequent phone calls in the O2 network: Allnet L from Blau (8 euros per month).
  • Frequent phone calls in the D network: Flat L from Allmobil (Vodafone network) for around 8 euros per month; Prepaid Smart from Ja! Mobile (Telekom network) for around 8.70 euros per month.
  • If you use your mobile phone less often, you can save with a prepaid tariff.
  • If you'd rather find a smartphone tariff yourself, you can choose from the best offers with our cell phone tariff calculator.

To the tariff calculator

Those who mothball or sell their old mobile phone and switch to a smartphone with Android or iOS should also own theirs Check cell phone tariff. In many cases, smartphone buyers cannot simply continue to use their contracts, but better upgrade to one of the many Smartphone tariffs around. Because without mobile Internet, Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Co. are pointless.

Do i need a new sim card?

So that the cell phone knows which provider and cell phone tariff to use, the owner must insert a plastic card with a chip (SIM card) on which the necessary information is stored. Conventional cell phones usually have a slot in which a mini-sized SIM card fits. This size is also called the standard format.

SIM card sizes compared

Smartphones, on the other hand, often have a slot for one SIM card in micro or nano format. These are both smaller than the old-fashioned mini-SIM format. Therefore, after switching to a smartphone, customers have to order a new SIM card from their mobile operator.

Alternatively, it is possible to use the old one Cut the SIM card to the smaller size. You can find templates and numerous instructions for this on the Internet. In addition, various electronics retailers offer cutting with a punching machine. This cut is more precise than if you did it yourself. However, there is also the risk of destroying the SIM card. This is not so dramatic, because you can order a new card from the mobile operator.

It would be worse to jam the slot of the smartphone with a card that doesn't quite fit and damage the brand new device. Be careful accordinglyif you decide to cut or have an old SIM card cut yourself. If in doubt, it is better to order a new, suitable SIM card from your mobile phone provider - or you can change providers when the opportunity arises.

Can I continue to use my old cell phone tariff?

New smartphone owners can get a new SIM card and stay with the previous contract. Then you should book an option for the mobile Internet.

Even if such Internet options are called Internet flat rates by the mobile network providers, it is not a real flat rate. After all, once the booked data volume has been used up, the speed usually drops so drastically that Internet use becomes almost impossible. While chat programs such as WhatsApp and rudimentary surfing still work, larger downloads usually break off after a few minutes.

Some cell phone tariffs do not reduce the pace immediately. Instead, a chargeable data volume is automatically booked (so-called data automatic). You can switch off the automatic data control in some tariffs, but not in others. We only recommend tariffs for which you can switch off the automatic data control.

Sample letter termination

Do you want to swap your old tariff with data automatic for a new one without? Then cancel yours current contract with the sample letter from Finanztip.

For download

On average, we surf around three gigabytes a month with our smartphones in Germany. You can roughly estimate how much data volume you need personally using the following overview.

Mobile Internet: This is how much data volume you need every month

Usersdata volumeprofile
Beginnersup to 1 GBSurfing, email, Whatsapp, Facebook
Normal users1 GB to 4 GBLots of surfing, intensive e-mail usage, occasional music streaming, small downloads, photos and games
Frequent users4 GB and moreLots of surfing, lots of e-mails and large downloads, music streaming, occasional video clips, often saving or posting photos online

Source: Assessment by Finanztip (as of June 2020)

Adding an internet option to an older mobile phone tariff is little work - but the tariff is often noticeable more expensive than a new smartphone tariff. In many cases it is better to switch to a modern tariff with LTE reception. With good reception, LTE enables lightning-fast Internet surfing and, with many providers, also enables better quality calls.

Without a fast LTE connection, smartphones such as the iPhone from Apple or the Galaxy cell phones from Samsung can only access the older 3G cell phone network. You can surf the Internet with it, but it is much slower and more patchy than the LTE network.

Most smartphones built around 2013 or 2014 can use LTE technology. Only older or very cheap entry-level models could be unsuitable. But every now and then it gets worse even today Smartphone tariff offered that does not support LTE.

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These are the best smartphone tariffs

In addition to the three gigabytes of data volume, the Allnet L tariff from Blaug also grants a telephone and SMS flat rate to all networks for 8 euros per month. The contract has a minimum term of 24 months. You will also receive a 40 Euro Amazon voucher. If you want to take your old mobile phone number with you, you will get another 10 euro discount on top of it (as of April 1, 2021).

  • Telephone and SMS flat rate in all German networks
  • 3 GB LTE data flat rate with up to 21.6 Mbit / s
  • LTE telephony
  • € 7.99 per month
  • 40 € Amazon voucher
  • 10 € for number portability
  • patchy O2 network
  • 24-month term

Better network quality in the Telekom and Vodafone network

The all-network flat-rate offers directly from Vodafone and Telekom are comparatively expensive. Since Telekom has also made LTE telephony available to discounters, the cheap tariffs in everyday life are hardly worse than those of the network operator themselves. With Vodafone discounters, however, you often have to wait until you can also make calls with LTE. We recommend the following offers to frequent phone users and internet surfers:

Prepaid Smart - Many supermarket chains have been offering cheap mobile phone tariffs for a long time, such as the prepaid smart tariff from Ja! mobile (Rewe). You receive a telephone and SMS flat rate as well as three GB of data volume for 8 euros per four weeks. With the prepaid tariff you are flexible in the Telekom network without long contract periods. You can also order the cell phone tariff on the supermarket website and top up credit online. If you want to take your phone number with you, you get 10 euros.

There are very similar tariffs in terms of price and conditions penny and Kaufland and Norma.

Allmobil Flat L - The cheapest Allnet flat rate in the Vodafone network comes from Allmobil and costs around 8 euros a month. The tariff includes six gigabytes of data volume as well as a telephone and SMS flat rate. There is a connection fee of 10 euros. But you will get 50 euros if you take your phone number with you (as of April 1, 2021).

LTE tariffs with all-network flat rates in the D network


Yes! Mobile (Rewe)

Prepaid Smart


Flat L

price per month8,70 €8,00 €
tempo25 Mbit / s21.6 Mbit / s
data volume3 GB6 GB
Flat rateall networksall networks

Source: Provider information (as of April 1, 2021)

Yes! Mobile (Rewe)
Prepaid Smart
  • Telephone and SMS flat rate in all German networks
  • 3 GB LTE data flat rate with up to 25 Mbit / s (Telekom)
  • LTE telephony
  • € 7.99 for four weeks
  • flexible cancellation (prepaid)
  • 10 € for number portability
  • Also available from Kaufland, Penny and Norma
Can only be locked with the provider
  • Telephone and SMS flat rate in all German networks
  • 6 GB LTE data flat rate with up to 21.6 Mbit / s (Vodafone)
  • € 7.99 per month
  • € 50 bonus for number portability
  • 2 years minimum term
  • 10 € registration fee

If you use your mobile phone less often, you can save with a prepaid tariff. If you'd rather find a suitable smartphone tariff yourself, we recommend our comparison calculator.

Find the right tariff with our mobile phone tariff calculator

The Finanztip mobile phone tariff calculator is based on data from the service provider Tariffuxx from Fuchstal (Bavaria), as the service provider performed well in our comparison. We filter this data with our parameters so that you get a consumer-friendly result according to Finanztip criteria.

The selection of the tariffs offered does not claim to be a complete overview of the market. We do not assume any liability for the correctness and topicality of the information provided here. We also assume no liability for damage resulting from incorrect data or the use of the computer.

Is a mobile phone contract with a smartphone worthwhile?

Mobile phone providers advertise with mobile phone contracts including smartphones, which initially cost significantly less than the regular retail price. That looks cheap - but it is rarely. To find a real bargain, you have to be Know your way around and pay close attentionthat you do not miss any hidden costs.

The problem: The providers throw all the costs for smartphone and tariff together so that youdifficult to understand you can see how much you actually pay for the smartphone in the end and whether the tariff is actually overpriced. However, if you pay close attention and make good comparisons, you can save something with a contract, especially with very new smartphones such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S or with discontinued models.

Most mobile phone contracts with smartphones, however, you have to cancel immediately after the minimum term. This is usually 24 months. If you simply let the contract continue after two years, you will all too often continue to pay the excessive basic fee even though you have paid off your mobile phone for a long time.

Video: Are cell phone contracts with smartphones worthwhile?

This is how we come to our recommendations

We regularly review the tariff recommendations according to our editorial criteria. These are largely based on the consumer-friendliness of the offers. Based on these specifications, we query the sample profiles on the Finanztip computer and on other comparison computers on the day of the update.

We also search newsletters, press releases and company appearances on social media for good offers. Our tariff recommendations may therefore differ from the results in the Finanztip tariff calculator. We describe exactly for whom they are suitable.

All recommendations meet the strict Finanztip mobile radio criteria:

  • The costs of a recommended tariff for a sample customer must be lower than those of comparable offers.

  • These tariff features apply to our sample customer “normal user with Allnet Flat”: three GB data volume, Allnet Flat in all networks, LTE (at least 21 Mbit / s), SMS flat rate.

  • These tariff features apply to our sample customer “occasional user with prepaid flat rate”: one GB data volume, 100 minutes of telephony, prepaid, LTE, no SMS flat rate required.

  • The basic fee may not increase after a certain period of time, unless the final basic fee would be cheaper than that of the competing offers.

  • We prefer tariffs that can be canceled on a monthly basis over comparable long-term contracts.

  • If the tariff does not include an SMS flat rate, the price for a short message must not be more than 9 cents.

  • Customers must be able to switch off an automatic data system that books additional chargeable data volume at any time (we explicitly point out a possible automatic data system).

  • Customers must also be able to use the tariff abroad. So-called national tariffs cannot be recommended as a financial tip.

  • A Finanztip recommendation must be open to all groups of people (no student tariffs) and be available throughout Germany.

More about this in the article about our mobile phone tariff calculator:

To the advisor

Arne Düsterhöft

Arne Düsterhöft

Arne Düsterhöft is an editor for telecommunications and digital. Before that he was a volunteer in the editorial team of Finanztip. He gained his first practical experience in the online editorial team of teltarif.de, where he also wrote about digital technologies and telecommunications. After spending semesters abroad in Dublin and New York, Arne Düsterhöft completed his master's degree in theater studies at the Free University of Berlin.

Daniel Pöhler

Daniel Pöhler

Daniel Pöhler mainly works on the Finanztip newsletter and, as deputy head of text, contributes to the linguistic quality of all Finanztip texts. His focus is on mobility and the digital. In his traineeship at the trade newspaper Telecom Handel, he learned what makes the telecommunications industry and retailers tick. Daniel holds a degree in business administration from the University of Bayreuth.

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At Finanztip, however, we handle affiliate links differently than other websites. We only link to products that were previously recommended by our independent expert editorial team. Only then can the relevant provider set a link to this offer. We get money if you click on such a link or conclude a contract with the provider.

Whether and to what extent a provider pays us has no influence on our recommendations. What our experts recommend to you depends solely on whether an offer is good for consumers.

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