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Oasis: After the end at the top

Separation = media attention = success. Oasis prove this simple equation once again impressively. Now their song "Live Forever" has even been voted the best song of all time.

London (dec) - "Live Forever" by Oasis is the best song of all time, according to a recent poll. Third place: "Don't Look Back In Anger", fourth place: "Wonderwall". The group takes part in a joint survey of radio stations three times XFM London, K-ROQ Los Angeles and TripleJ Australia represented.

The British rowdy rockers announced last week that Noel was leaving the band because of a dispute. Since then, the fans seem to be even more united behind Oasis and want to pay their last respects to them.

The fans are behind Noel

Since Noel Oasis left, the media and internet forums have outdone each other with their speculations: Which brother will continue with the band? Who starts a solo career? Is there maybe even a new songwriter soon? Can Oasis even continue to exist without Noel?

The German supporters answer this question very clearly with "No". On the fansite oasisnet.de, 86.21 percent stated that the group would be unthinkable without one of the brothers. A poll by the UK Sun asking its readers what their favorite Gallagher was, also clearly ended. Over 80% support the older Noel.

The fact that the two brothers fight again is not necessarily decisive for their musical future. Both are allowed to perform with the Oasis songs without permission, so that at least there shouldn't be any more arguments. So also with "Live Forever", the - at least these days - best song of all time.