What is sweet revenge

Revenge is sweet

"Like you to me, so I to you", "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" - these quotations, borrowed from the Bible and become a form of expression, inevitably come to mind when retribution or vengeance is threatened.

The little man's vengeance

One thinks of the military retaliatory strike in so-called unrest regions or of the proverbial Revenge of the Little Manwho seeks to wipe out his neighbor when he has turned his hi-fi system up to the stop again. Often you know beforehand that in response to this Act of revenge another is likely to follow.

revenge. The word is timeless because revenge, take revenge, Take vengeance, someone or something revenge, that has been part of people since they have existed. revenge is an ancient legal word. It means that a wrongdoer is being prosecuted by the injured party. That sounds harmless, but the essence of revenge is that it is carried out in a lawless place. Think of them, for example Acts of revenge within organized crime, gang crime. Different laws apply there.

Vengeance as passion

What is the difference between right and Take vengeance? Both serve or should at least serve to restore a legal status. Only: The judiciary, the court, is an authority that has to decide objectively and dispassionately about right and wrong, guilt and punishment.

Those who seek revenge, on the other hand, take out the right to punish themselves, exercise vigilante justice. The avenger is an executor, the act of revenge an emotionally charged, even passionate act. Revenge and hatred are closely related.

Revenge is sweet

Vengeance brings satisfaction and: Revenge is sweet. It cannot be salty, sour or bitter at all. It is pleasure and satisfaction. Vengeance is the dangerous stepsister of justice. Revenge is self-help, vigilante justice.

The best-known literary example of this in German-language dramatic literature is Friedrich Schiller's William Tell. There it says: "... He decided, since he could not find the right, to get Rach’ with his own hand ". Tell's act of revenge, the murder of tyrants, is morally legitimized as an act of political liberation. The avenger a hero. The hero an avenger. This also applies to Robin Hood, the avenger of the outlaws, who took the rich and gave to the poor.

Vengeance Satisfies

To be a hero is not given to everyone. But such a little avenger lives in each of us. Thoughts of revenge are not alien to any of us. Who doesn't feel the need for such a tiny act of revenge every now and then, regardless of whether it's a stupid colleague, an unfriendly teacher or whoever it is.

This can be done quite openly or in the secure cover of the proverbial Revenge of the Little Man. It is comparatively harmless, but it serves its purpose. Isn't it any satisfaction to see how the victim of our revenge is desperately looking for important documents and yet we have clearly seen that they accidentally got between the thick envelopes in the outbox. But we don't say anything. Serves him quite right to the unsympathetic.

Questions about the text

The phrase an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth means that you ...

1. Like pays for like.

2. Start a mass brawl.

3. Should go to the doctor.

Revenge is ...

1. sour.

2. salty.

3. bitter.

A comparatively harmless, but fulfilling form of revenge is ...

1. Revenge of the dwarves.

2. Revenge of the strong women.

3. Revenge of the little man.

Work order

Revenge is sweet - who would you like to take revenge on? Make a plan of revenge and write it down. But please do it like the common man's revenge: harmless but effective.

Author: Michael Utz

Editor: Beatrice Warken