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There are also places in the world where summer holidays don't keep their promises

Summer, sun, vacation time? Yes, but be careful: If your trip takes you overseas, you should first study the weather at your destination in detail so that you don't experience a cold - or wet - surprise!

South Africa

South Africa is the perfect destination if you want to escape the European winter - it is summer in this beautiful country. Conversely, you have to expect cool temperatures and a lot of rain in July and August. It gets really cold at night, especially in the famous Kruger National Park. However, the bare branches of the trees are an advantage when you go on safari.
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In principle, you can travel to the huge country in South America all year round. But if your trip takes place in July or August, you should better pack your winter jacket for certain regions (e.g. Patagonia)! You can ski in the country's ski resorts, but due to the lack of heating in most of the buildings, winter time in the country is not ideal for those who are sensitive to the cold.


Australia is actually worth a trip all year round, but in the European summer it can get really cold, especially in the south of the country. In the cool metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne, temperatures like to move around or even below 10 degrees - and around the capital Canberra it sometimes even snows. Then, in the worst case scenario, you spent most of the year in winter.
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India is huge and the weather in the north and south of the country is completely different. However, you should avoid traveling to India in July, August and September if possible. From mid-July, the whole country is hit by monsoon rains, which only decrease from mid-October. In addition to the fact that you have to expect thunderstorms almost every day, many roads are impassable in the monsoon season.


Scorching heat and an almost unbearably high humidity: Vietnam is definitely not the right country for summer time. Temperatures are around 40 degrees and you have to expect tropical rain showers in the afternoons.
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