What are signs that a person is spoiled

10 signs your child is spoiled

There are parents who tailor their lives to their children. All wishes are granted and as soon as the child cries, they jump up. It's easy to pick the spoiled kid in the playground. But it is much more difficult to keep a critical eye on yourself.

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Have you ever wondered whether your child is spoiled? Here is a checklist of ten signs that will show if you have a pampered child by your hand.

1. Your child has many tantrums

The surest sign of a spoiled child is: frequent tantrums in public and at home.

2. Your child is never satisfied

Pampered children are never satisfied with what they have. If you see someone playing with something else, they will want that instead.

3. Your child is not helping

No child likes to tidy up. However, once the first few years have passed, your child should be ready to take on minor tasks such as tidying up their toys and putting their shoes away.

4. Your child manipulates adults

Often pampered children do not distinguish between peers and adults. They expect both of them to listen to them at all times.

5. Your child often embarrasses you in public

A slip here and there is normal, but if you're deliberately embarrassing your child in public, don't put up with it.

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6. Your child doesn't want to share

Sharing is a difficult subject for young children. However, by the time they are four years old, they should be ready to share toys, snacks, etc. with friends and siblings.

7. You have to ask your child

A parent or adult is a figure of authority and should be heeded when something is desired. You shouldn't have to beg for your child to complete a task.

8. Your child ignores you

No child likes to hear the word "NO", but your child shouldn't ignore you when you are talking to them.

9. Your child does not want to play alone

By the age of four, a child should be willing (and able) to play alone for a period of time. The need to play with a parent or Gspändli shows their need for attention.

10. You have to bribe your child

Parents shouldn't bribe their children with money, toys, or sweets to get the child to do routine tasks.

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