What did you lose after quitting drinking?

Slowly it became more and more alcohol

With all the pressure, I started drinking in the morning - that is, while driving to work. I was very lucky never to be controlled. I needed the alcohol to function. I recognized that, but didn't reveal myself to anyone. I just wanted to see it through to retirement.

I didn't live with my partner and I was very good at hiding so that she didn't know about my real problems. In fact, she didn't notice. In retrospect, I don't know how I did it all along. I could control it so that I only had my failures at home. I was always in the office for a long time and took advantage of the times when nobody else was around to drink. I "only" drank champagne and sucked peppermint so as not to smell of alcohol. I was convinced that it would work.

Until at some point my boss asked me into his office and asked if I had a problem with alcohol. It felt like someone caught me red-handed. I got hot and cold at the same time, I started to stutter and rejected everything. Even after this experience, I was not ready to seek help. Besides, the conversation had no consequences. With my “strategies” I saved myself until I retired.

When I retired, I thought: Now you've done it! The stress is gone. Now I get the curve. I started doing sports again, and I rode my bike a lot. But I always had a bottle of champagne with me.