How do I choose the research methodology

The choice of research method


Whether for the bachelor thesis or master thesis: The research method will be an integral part of your thesis. It not only serves to answer your question, but can also help you significantly in gaining knowledge.

We have them for you main methods put together for your bachelor thesis or master thesis so that nothing stands in the way of your graduation.

All methods at a glance

Depending on which research question your bachelor thesis is about, very different methods can be considered. To the Classics The following methods in particular include:

  • Interviews
  • observation
  • Survey
  • Group discussion
  • experiment
  • Literary work

The interview and the surveys are undoubtedly used very frequently. Each method has its own individual Advantages and disadvantages.

For the conception of a suitable interview guide, you can also choose between the following variants:

  • Guided questioning techniques
  • biographical-narrative interviews
  • simple standardized questions

In order for you to find out as much as possible about the reality of your interview partner's life, it is nevertheless advisable to only do so if possible open questions and ask again if the answers are unclear.

The right research design - quantitative or qualitative?

Basically, when working out your research question, a distinction is always made between the research styles quantitative and qualitative.

The quantitative survey methods are particularly suitable if you

  • want to provide precise data,
  • want to get an overview of the field,
  • want to compare different groups or people with each other,
  • want to check statistical dependencies between cause and problem,
  • want to provide statistical proof of the success of a project.

Qualitative methods are therefore particularly suitable when it comes to this

  • To consider actions or situations in a particular context or
  • determine how groups or individuals assess actions, facts or situations.

Possible forms of qualitative research can be interviews or observations. Document analyzes and questionnaires can also be evaluated in qualitative style.

Inductive and deductive research

For your bachelor thesis, in addition to research design and method, you should also consider the form in which you combine it with a theory.

Basically you always have the choice between inductive and deductive approaches.


Before you start your bachelor thesis, you should check carefully what that Aim of your research should be.

Depending on your interest in knowledge, you can qualitative or quantitative Research methods should be considered. In many cases, just a combination of both styles can produce the desired result.

After you have fathomed your interest in knowledge, it is about the appropriate form. Here you have the choice between a theory-generating approach (inductive) and a theory-checking approach (deductive).

The design is rounded off by your individually suitable method. Depending on which form you have chosen beforehand, you can choose between interviews, observation and various other methods.