Is brunch like lunch

What is a brunch?

Pamper yourself and your guests with our brunch ideas! The term “brunch” comes from the merging of the English terms “breakfast” and “lunch”. This trend of brunch is not only very popular in hotels and restaurants, but is also enjoyed at home from morning to early afternoon. But there's really nothing like sleeping in on the weekend followed by a brunch with friends and family, right? We'll show you recipes and tips for the perfect brunch and everything else that goes with a great brunch experience.

The wonderful thing about a brunch is the variety and variety of cold and warm dishes that you can offer your guests. From the classic breakfast ideas such as muesli and rolls, brunch also includes Mediterranean antipasti, hearty snacks, light salads or vegan pancakes.

Bread or rolls?

German cuisine is characterized by the variety of bread and rolls. It doesn't always have to be the same Sunday rolls from the bakery. A brunch is ideal for pampering your guests with extraordinary home-baked creations. Try baking a healthy spelled bread or surprise your guests with fig and walnut bread rolls. Depending on the season, carrot and walnut bread or pumpkin bread is great in autumn, for example. Sweet bread and sweet rolls are also very popular, especially with the younger guests. How about mini brioche, spelled bagels, sweet apple and cinnamon bread or banana bread, for example?

Spreads - simply homemade and delicious

When it comes to spreads on the brunch buffet, everything from sweet to savory is possible. Even if classics such as nut nougat cream have become an indispensable part of the breakfast table for Germans, there are undreamt-of possibilities to try new things and to prepare spreads yourself. Alternatives to the purchased nut nougat cream are, for example, the chocolate and nut spread or a creamy speculoos spread. If you are expecting guests with plant-based dietary preferences, we recommend our vegan chocolate spread. For those who prefer something hearty on bread, we recommend trying our recipes Hessischer Spundekäs with herbs, radish and cress spread, goat's cream cheese spread or carrot and apple spread. If you want to offer your guests something extraordinary, why not try the delicious macadamia and herb spread. The increasingly popular healthy avocado should of course not be missing as an ingredient among the spreads. Avocado can be seen at every brunch with herbs as an avocado and herb cream or as a classic avocado spread.

Variety of jams at the brunch buffet

Everyone knows grandma's homemade jam is just the best. But very few people are aware of how easily anyone can prepare jam themselves and, above all, how many variations are possible. How about a classic summer berry jam? Our unusual variations of pear jam with amaretto, tomato jam with apricot or nectarine-cashew jam impress with completely new taste experiences. We have just the right thing for everyone who likes it spicy: pineapple-ginger jam and strawberry-chili jam. A classic in autumn is the pumpkin and apple jam. Do you have brunch guests at short notice and no more time to cook jam? With instant gelatine, a delicious, fresh raspberry fruit spread can be prepared within 15 minutes. Our insider tip for the summer brunch: Strawberry and chia spread with quark rolls.

Hearty snacks

Puff pastries, vegetables, cheese, ham, salmon - these and many other ingredients can be used to conjure up delicious, hearty brunch recipes. Have you ever tried herb corners, spicy cheese rolls, spicy paprika and vegetable couscous or apple and onion meatballs with curry dip? With salmon you can conjure up puff pastry bags with salmon or salmon pancake rolls. The typical antipasti mix is ​​ideal not only in Italian Mediterranean cuisine, but also on the brunch buffet. If you want to save yourself the preparation, you can also buy our different types of fresh tegut ... Antipasti: Antipasti variation olives, cherry peppers & green peppers and antipasti variation hot peppers, dried tomatoes & olives in the tegut ... market. Delicious, light salads such as our tomato and cucumber salad with yogurt or a chickpea salad round off the perfect brunch. The combination with fruit, such as a clementine lamb's lettuce with croutons or a mango and rocket salad are a light alternative to hearty snacks.

What would a brunch be without eggs?

The egg belongs to brunch like coffee to getting up. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of our omelette recipes and scrambled egg recipes. From the classic scrambled bread with radishes and spring onions to the egg salad with tuna to the fresh cress and egg spread - egg dishes are simply indispensable at brunch.

Sweet classics - waffles, pancakes and pancakes

For those who love sweets, there should of course always be a rich selection of sweet delicacies at the brunch buffet. A popular classic here are the waffles, for example yoghurt waffles or breakfast waffles with blueberry ricotta cream. With our recipe for the waffle cake with blueberries you can surprise your brunch visit with something very special.

In addition to the waffles, the pancakes, also known under the increasingly popular English term “pancakes”, should definitely not be missing at breakfast. Whether buttermilk pancakes with raspberry quark cream, buckwheat pancakes or apple pancakes with maple syrup, they are quick to prepare for brunch and a real treat. Vegan alternatives to conventional pancakes are also possible, such as our vegan pancakes with blueberry compote. Freshly baked and preferably still warm, we can also "warmly" recommend our sweet breakfast roll to you in the truest sense of the word.

Real eye-catchers

Do you want to offer your friends or family something very special for breakfast? Great eye-catching recipes can be prepared with a lot of love. Do you already know the apple florets with caramel sauce and fleur de sel, our bread skewers or the fruity filled melons for breakfast? For a brunch with loved ones, we recommend our recipe for orange jam with fine heart rolls.

Muesli - more than just the classic fruit muesli

Pamper your guests with more than just a classic fruit muesli. There are many cereal creations that you can make yourself. You are welcome to read more about this in our article How to make muesli yourself. Those who like it crispy can bake their own muesli and surprise their guests, for example, with our crunchy muesli with banana foam or our crunchy muesli with mango and cranberries. Here, too, our tip if you have to go fast: Our delicious tegut ... the finest crunchy mueslis! For example, try our chocolate-banana crunchy muesli with dark chocolate (7%). For those who love fresh fruit, we have delicious recipes in our recipe database: the good-mood muesli with fresh fruit, the quinoa porridge with berries, Bircher-Benner-style fruit muesli or a multivitamin salad with poppy-seed quark cream.

Drinks - recipes and tips

The classics in the morning are known to be coffee and tea. But especially with an extended brunch, it makes sense to expand the drinks buffet. With fruit juices, smoothies and milkshakes, there are no limits to creativity. Whether raspberry lassi with yoghurt and green tea, a breakfast shake or a strawberry-peach smoothie with rosemary - delicious drinks add the perfect icing to the brunch. Do you love smoothies? Then take a look at our smoothie recipes. And do you already know the variety of tegut ... juices, such as the breakfast juice? A brunch is also a great way to toast the guests with a glass of sparkling wine or champagne.

Special breakfast occasions

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