How do you pronounce Huawei

Huawei pronunciation: the real name of the cell phone manufacturer

05/25/19 from

Viktoria Vokrri

How is "Huawei" pronounced correctly? - A question that really split our editorial team at first. Of course, nobody was the first to use a search engine and scour the Internet, as it is now correctly called. Instead, things got going straight away and heated discussions: from "U-A-Wei" to "Wow-hai" everything was included. But what is it now correctly? A network search sheds light on the phonetic darkness.

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People used to go to the library looking for answers - or just ask the tribal elder one or two leaps in time beforehand. Fortunately, today's knowledge of the world is possible without going outside or tapping into human contact. Google knows everything after all! That's why I just type the question "How is Huawei properly pronounced" into the search engine.

Videos, Google boxes and a nice little box pop up immediately with the reference "User also asked". Apparently some people are concerned with how the Chinese manufacturer of the popular smartphones is pronounced - so I'm just one of many.

This is how Huawei is properly pronounced

Within seconds I discovered a video that Huawei South Africa uploaded to YouTube - well, they'll probably know how to pronounce them themselves. The clip has already had over 140,000 views. And after the first second I realized that my "Huh-A-Wai" wasn't that far off. Because the correct pronunciation is apparently:

  • "Wah-Way" (Whereby a touch of an H really belongs at the beginning)

As the video reveals, however, we Germans really don't seem to be the only ones who have problems with the pronunciation of the Chinese name. In the clip, various people from South Africa can be seen (and heard) struggling with "Huawei" - and simply turning it into "Hawaii".

What does Huawei actually mean?

I find out pretty quickly what is behind the name of the most successful brand in China. As the German website Interculturecapital explains, Huawei consists of two different Chinese words. It starts with "Hua", which means both "greatness" and "fame" and is apparently also used as a synonym for "China" or "Chinese". With "Wei" it gets a bit more difficult, since the word apparently has many different meanings - including "achievement" or "performance". This also corresponds to a certain extent with the translation that Welt Online wants an employee of the company to translate: "Chinese success".

Huawei, Xiaomi and Co .: This is how the Chinese brands are pronounced

What stands out in general: Brands from China seem to have a really difficult time pronouncing their names correctly abroad. Another compatriot of Huawei is currently becoming more and more popular when it comes to smartphones: Xiaomi. And before the next discussion flares up, there's a video in which a nice YouTuber explains exactly how the two cell phone manufacturers and other well-known brands from China are pronounced.