Do vegans smell better

The vegetarians' sweat smells nicer

For some vegetarians and vegans, the smell of the other is said to be almost unbearable. Jan Havlicek and Pavlíná Lenochova from Charles University in Prague tested this thesis: For two weeks, one of their test groups was vegetarian for 14 days, the other was allowed to eat meat. Then armpit sweat samples were taken from the men and 30 women assessed how “pleasant”, “attractive”, “masculine” and “intense” the smell was. The diet of the groups was swapped, and after another two weeks the next test was due. With the result: the vegetarians fared significantly better. Their sweat smelled more pleasant, they looked much more attractive to women.

For others, the physical is not difficult. Rather, it is a question of attitudes, similarities, and the character of the other. "I hardly ever talk about animal husbandry and meat consumption, because everyone has to know that for themselves and I don't want to convert anyone," says Lisa. “What I can't have is cheap, packaged meat. I get a little upset. ”If only the others would eat a little less meat - and then spend a little more money on better meat, then Lisa would be satisfied. After all, eating meat less often and more consciously is a trend. Calls himself: to be a "flexitarian".

A good quality steak, that is also supported by Miriam Wagner. With the small difference that she regularly eats meat, sells it and advertises it as the Thuringian sausage queen. "But I would never fry a schnitzel for 95 cents," she says. The butcher's branch in which she works is in the middle of a penny market, a few meters from the discounter's refrigerated counter. “People are reluctant to spend money on meat and prefer to buy a packaged offer,” she says. A slice of bread with fresh liver sausage tastes so good in the morning - how can others just buy cheap stuff? No, no, the sausage queen couldn't do that.

But when her boyfriend comes to dinner in the evening, she doesn't serve dead animals. He's a vegetarian. Compromises are necessary. Then Mrs. Wagner has tofu instead of mince.

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