What is marriage legal in the US

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General information

In principle, Germans can be married, even if they are not domiciled or permanently resident in the USA. Each US state has its own rules and special features. Please select the state in which the wedding will take place:

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Same-sex marriages

General information

On June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. The Supreme Court ruled that the constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage in all states of the USA. Previously, there were bans in 14 states and regulations such as New Jersey that only allowed a registered civil partnership.

Is a foreign same-sex marriage valid in Germany?

On October 1, 2017, the law introducing the right to marry for persons of the same sex also came into force in Germany.

Same-sex marriages that have been concluded abroad develop their full effect in Germany from the date of the marriage, even if they were concluded before August 1, 2001 (the LPartG came into force). They can be re-notarized in the marriage register on application according to ยง34 I 1 S. 4 PStG.

It is no longer possible to enter into registered civil partnerships, but there is no obligation to convert existing civil partnerships into marriages.

Civil partnerships entered into abroad are not automatically recognized as marriages in Germany, but domestic partners can marry in Germany without the civil partnership having to be dissolved beforehand.

An existing civil partnership with the same person does not constitute an obstacle to marriage according to Section 1306 of the German Civil Code (BGB) and the domestic civil partnership entry is concluded by means of a subsequent certification upon marriage.