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World politicsThese 6 countries have the greatest influence in the world

The ranking "Best Countries 2018" evaluates the political realities of a country apart from the hard indicators. The ranking is intended to record the appreciation of the population in the respective countries. For this purpose, residents of the country were randomly asked how much they associate a certain attribute with their country.

The attributes were then assigned to categories such as health, entrepreneurship, quality of life or cultural influence. These categories were in turn grouped together for sub-rankings.

One of these sub-rankings deals with the political standing, i.e. power, of a country. Various factors that characterize the country's influence on the world stage have been summarized in it. Capital took a closer look at the top positions. These are the six most powerful states in the world.

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# 6 France

France ranks sixth in the “Power” sub-category of the “2018 Best Countries” report. The influence of a state was measured on the basis of these five factors: leadership strength, economic strength, political influence, strong international alliances and a strong military. The study "Best Countries" emphasized the global importance of the "Grande Nation" in politics, business, science and culture. With a gross domestic product (adjusted for purchasing power) per capita of 42,336 US dollars, France is just in the top 30 in an international comparison.

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# 5 Great Britain

Great Britain scores in the ranking primarily with its strong international alliances (9.6 out of 10 points). The former colonial power is well connected around the world and traditionally maintains close ties with Washington. It must be shown here whether and how the planned Brexit will have an impact. Great Britain's economic influence was also given excellent marks. The lowest rating (7.2) was for the military. More than 21,000 people worldwide were surveyed for the “2018 Best Countries” report. The ranking comes from the news magazine U.S. News & World Report in collaboration with the consulting firm BAV Group and the Business School of the University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School).

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# 4 Germany

In comparison to the overall “Best Countries” ranking, Germany has lost one place and comes fourth among the most powerful countries in the world. The devaluation is mainly due to the state of the Bundeswehr. In the sub-category “strong military” there was only 5.9 out of 10 points. The economic strength of the Federal Republic and its status as a sought-after, reliable alliance partner, however, ensured an overall grade of 8.6.

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# 3 China

The People's Republic only ranks 20th among the “Best Countries”. According to the study, civil rights, quality of life and entrepreneurship are too bad. But the supremacy of China is undeniable. The country achieved the highest grade for the point “Influence of the economy”. The military and political influence also make a major contribution to the points account. According to the study, there is still room for improvement in the international alliances and leadership role for the third-placed.

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# 2 Russia

In the case of Russia, the gap between the influence and the overall impression of a state is even greater. It only ranks 26th among the “Best Countries”. In the power ranking, however, it is enough for silver. Russia is given top marks for military, leadership and political influence. Only a few places after the decimal point are missing from the title “Most powerful nation in the world”.