Why is Dominican hatred black

Protest against racist campaign in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo. Social activists, intellectuals and other civil society representatives in the Dominican Republic express their solidarity with the migrants from Haiti and their descendants. In particular, they accuse the country's conservative media of spreading a hate campaign against migrants from Haiti by powerful political and economic sectors. The declaration was signed by 131 activists, including feminists, LGBT representatives, cultural workers and intellectuals.

The right-wing propaganda is carried out by the traditional political and corporate elites and speaks of a Haitian invasion. This is to scapegoat the Haitians and to distract them from the country's budget problems caused by the government. This approach has served time and again throughout history to divide the island's population through racism.

The Dominican Republic deports thousands of Haitians to America's poorest country every year. Human rights activists repeatedly report that Haitians are attacked by incited mobs and exposed to intense everyday racism. In 2015 the confrontation escalated with a lynching of a Haitian. As part of the tightening of deportation laws, Haitians who have been living in the Dominican Republic for several generations can now be expelled from the country. Since then, activists have been pointing out the racist law and practice.

In view of the current protests against corruption and the steadily growing strength of the anti-corruption movement, the powerful are concerned with weakening this social movement by creating new conflicts, according to the declaration of the anti-racism opponents.