What is the funnest country in Europe

Are they crazy, the Europeans? Curious facts and laws of the EU

Elections take place every five years in Europe. It's that time again on Sunday, May 26th. Around 400 million citizens entitled to vote are 28 member states of the EU are then called upon to cast their votes and elect the ninth European Parliament.

On this occasion, we took a look around the current political situation in Europe and found some bizarre facts and laws.

You definitely didn't know THAT about Europe:

1. Andersson, Karlsson or Persson: a third of all Swedish surnames end in -son.

2. The Trevi Fountain in Rome: There is a popular belief that throwing money into the fountain with your left hand over your right shoulder is good for you. If you flip a coin you return to Rome. If two are thrown, one should fall in love with an Italian. Perhaps many know the custom. But did you know that around 4,000 euros a day end up in the Trevi Fountain?

3. Internet access is often a difficult topic in Germany, especially in rural areas. But it is not as complicated in all EU countries as it is here. In Estonia, the Internet is one of the basic rights, so every Estonian can surf for free anywhere.

4. The melody of Liechtenstein's national anthem is the same as that of England (“God save the Queen”).

5. Venice - the city of bridges? Sure, there are quite a few - a total of 435 pieces. But that's nothing at all against the German pearl of the north: Hamburg holds the European bridge record with around 2500 bridges.

Hum is a city in the western Croatian region of Istria. // Photo: stock.adobe.com

6. The smallest town in the world is Hum in Croatia. It has a population of just 30.

7. In Finland, fines for traffic offenses are income-related. Those who earn more also pay more. Anders Wiklöf had to pay the highest fine that has ever been paid there. He paid 95,000 euros for an excessive speed of 27 km / h. No wonder, Wiklöf is one of the richest Finns.

8. Dress codes do not only exist in Muslim countries - Italy also has bans. Men are not allowed to wear skirts there.

9. Play a game of chess while having sex? This is forbidden in the Estonian capital Tallinn. So better not be caught doing it.

10. Hungary also seems to be a country of limited fun. Sex in the light? Against the law! In Budapest the lights have to be switched off when making love.

Turn off the lights before sex. // Photo: stock.adobe.com

11. The 324 meter high Eiffel Tower is repainted every seven years. This is necessary because the weather repeatedly removes the paint.

12. But the Greeks need a lot of patience: believe it or not, their national anthem has 158 stanzas, making it the longest in the EU. Usually, of course, only the first two stanzas are sung.

13. The Spaniards have every reason to be happy. At 83 years of age, they have the highest life expectancy in the European Union. The people in Lithuania, on the other hand, have the lowest and on average die at the age of 75.

14. The Dutch are the greatest. In no other country do people get taller than in the land of tulips and lumps of wood - on average, men reach a height of 1.82 meters and women 1.69 meters, according to a study by Imperial College in London. Closely followed by the Belgians (1.81 and 1.68 m).

Pig owners in France should be careful when choosing a name. // Photo: stock.adobe.com

15. In France it is forbidden by law to call your pig Napoleon. Anyone who does this anyway can end up in prison for it. The law was introduced after a farmer called his pig that.

16. Before Danes get into the car, they have to do a security check on the car. In addition to the functions of brakes, lights and steering, it must also be checked whether someone is lying under the vehicle. If so, the car must not be started. Makes sense.

17. Friday the 13th is unlucky day in this country. Not so in Spain, Tuesday the 13th is the big day of bad luck.

18. Play a little Gameboy to pass the time? If you are in Greece, it is better not to do this in public places - it is forbidden there!

19. Anyone with a title of nobility in Austria has to pay a whopping 14 cents fine for it. Because that's been banned since 1919. At that time there was an administrative fine of 20,000 kroner for this offense. The penalty fee still exists today, except that this amount is now a ridiculous 14 cents. If you still want to adorn yourself with a title, you will definitely find it in Austria. The country has 869 other legal titles.

Flowers as gifts are always welcome. // Photo: Adobe

20. Can't go much wrong with flowers as gifts? Think! In Slovakia you should pay close attention to how many flowers you give - namely always an odd number. An even number will only be brought to the funeral.

Up until around 20 years ago, women in Germany were allowed to claim compensation for sex if they were abandoned by their fiancé. But that only applied if both lived in the same apartment. This law (Section 1300 BGB) was repealed on July 1, 1998.