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The gift for the anniversary of the Reformation

Relive Bible reading! Open the Bible quickly to a variety of options. Leaves in the text and follow up references. Search the Bible. Put notes and bookmarks on individual verses and mark passages that are important to you in different colors. You can adapt the display of the Bible text to your own needs by selecting the font and size.

For ten years, a team of 70 scientists revised the Bible text and revived many of Luther's original formulations. The Luther Bible 2017 sounds more like Luther again.

Experience the Luther Bible 2017, Luther Bible 1984 and Good News Bible in one modern app. Over 175,000 people already have them. The Evangelical Church in Germany and the German Bible Society are giving you these Bible editions as a gift!

“The original” among the German-language Bibles

The Luther Bible is “the original” among the German-language Bibles. No other translation has shaped the German language and literature as much as she did. When Martin Luther finished work on his first translation of the New Testament in 1522, he not only created an early book printing bestseller, but also shaped the development of the German language - up to the present day. To mark the anniversary of the Reformation, the Luther Bible has been revised by 70 experts. The publication of the Luther Bible in 2017 is one of the great highlights of the Reformation anniversary in 2017.