How is traditional greek food

10 Greek specialties that you absolutely have to try

Greek cuisine is full of Mediterranean delicacies that remind us of summer and put us in a good mood. You should definitely try these ten dishes on your next holiday in Greece or cook them at home.

Greek cuisine is part of the Mediterranean cuisine and is known for its generous and colorful dishes. Tasty vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices, good olive oil and a dash of lemon are essential ingredients. The food culture is based on the values ​​of sharing, conviviality and hospitality. From Athens to Mykonos to Thessaloniki, discover 10 Greek specialties that you should definitely try.


Mezze (Greek: mezedes) symbolize the culture of sharing that is so typical of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in general. It is a series of dishes that can be served in the form of tapas as a starter or as a main course. In any case, it is normal to share it with the rest of the guests. These delicacies are often accompanied by a good glass ouzo, an aniseed schnapps that is served cold. There are many Greek mezze out there, these are our favorites.

1. Greek salad / farmer's salad

Greek salad should never be missing on the table. Although it is eaten in many parts of the world, it has the most authentic taste in Greece: sun-ripened tomatoes and peppers, local feta cheese, black olives, onions, fresh cucumbers and aromatic herbs. If nothing is left on the plate, bread can be dipped into the dressing. In Greece it is called Papara.

2. Tzatziki

Zaziki is made from yogurt, garlic, cucumber and lemon juice and is incredibly tasty. It can be enjoyed as a starter or as a side dish to many main dishes or as a spread on freshly baked flatbread.

3. Spanakopita

This type of puff pastry with spinach and feta cheese is a perfect dish for both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians among us. It's a perfect snack for the beach or on board a boat in the middle of the sea.

4. Dolmadakia

Summer is the best time to travel to Greece if you like seasonal gastronomic delights Dolmadakia, stuffed grape leaves, would like to try. When they're fresh, they're best eaten hot. You can only enjoy them cold from the cans that you buy in advance.


5. Moussaka

Moussaka is probably the most famous Greek dish in the world, a tasty gratin made from minced meat and eggplant with tomato and bechamel sauce.

6. Souvlaki

Souvlaki are skewers made of beef, pork or chicken, which are served on a plate or on flatbread and with vegetables, tzatziki and even french fries can be served as a quick and nutritious meal.

7. Gyros (with pita bread)

This typical Greek sandwich can be found both on the mainland and on the islands. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable at around 2 euros per serving, just like with Souvlaki. An explosion of flavors that will satisfy your hunger and make you happy. What more do you want?


8. Baklava

Now we come to the desserts. Ottoman cuisine may have the greatest influence on Greek cuisine, so baklava is not only found in Greek bakeries, but in many other parts of the world as well. These extremely sweet little pieces are made from sheet or filo pastry soaked in honey or sugar syrup and are often filled with chopped nuts.

9. Loukoumades

Loukoumades are small, round, fried balls of dough that are usually covered in honey and cinnamon. They are said to have been offered to the winners of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.


10. Retsina

Retsina is a white (or rosé) wine that has been made for over two thousand years and pine resin is added during the fermentation process. This is where its name comes from. The resin is only removed shortly before bottling and gives the wine a special and unmistakable taste.