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13 celebrity body parts that are worth a fortune

Cristiano Ronaldo's legs

He is the record scorer for Portugal's national team, has been named World Footballer of the Year three times and moved to Real Madrid for the most expensive transfer fee of all time (94 million euros!): CR is without a doubt a man of superlatives. And since he owes this mainly to his fast and skillful legs, the royal team had everyone insured - for incredible ones 212 million euros. The club would collect this sum if the 31-year-old were to suffer a serious injury. Well then, broken neck and leg!

The voice of Bruce Springsteen

Millions of fans all over the world would be very sad if the “boss” lost his voice. The singer himself, who has already sold over 60 million albums and scooped 20 Grammys, would have at least one little consolation in this case: round 5.1 million euros the insurance would then pay him off. Do you have sounds !?

Julia Roberts' smile

It's her absolute trademark: when actress Julia Roberts smiles her big smile, the sun rises. Since she conquered the cinema screens as “Pretty Woman” in 1990, it has lost none of its charisma. And if you do lose your laughter, the insurance supposedly pays around 27 million euros out. Keep smiling!

Jennifer Lopez's bottom

Long before Kim Kardashian tried to paralyze the Internet with her oiled copy, hers had already achieved world fame: the bottom of Latino Queen Jennifer Lopez. The singer knows that she owes a not inconsiderable part of her career to her sexy downside. Therefore, she should regularly steel her bottom with fitness exercises and allegedly got it for the gigantic sum of 268 million euros To be insured. Round thing!

Mariah Carey's legs

Everyone knows: Mariah Carey is famous for - well? - her elegant legs. If you shake your head in amazement, let us explain: It was not her angelic voice, but her sexy stilts that gave the pop diva the unbelievable insured sum of just under $ 900 million value. This makes them about as expensive as London's Wembley Stadium. Rock hard!

Gene Simmons' tongue

It is his best piece and is presented by him at every concert: The exorbitantly long tongue of the "Kiss" front man Gene Simmons. If he should bite himself and seriously injure himself in the process, it is at least close 900,000 euros well insured. Lick me!

Daniel Craig's body

Ever since the scene in which he rises from the floods in a short, light blue bathing pool, the sight of Daniel Craig's well-toned body has burned itself deep into the retina of delighted women and envious men. For his four appearances as 007, he got it in top form every time. But since he also likes to do dangerous stunts himself, the film company has decided to cover himself: Craig's whole body is round 8.5 million euros insured. In the service of Her Majesty!

David Beckham's legs

His muscular legs are now mostly known from advertising spots and posters. But originally they made today's advertising icon David Beckham one of the most famous footballers in the world. When he was still actively kicking, ex-Spice-Girl Victoria's husband was supposed to kick his kicks for 63 million euros have insured.

Keith Richards' hands

Many consider it a miracle that "Rolling Stones" guitarist Keith Richards is still alive: You read about his bizarre accidents at regular intervals - such as falling from a palm tree. But instead of insuring his whole, troubled body, he only took out a policy for his hands: about 890,000 euros pays him his insurance if he can no longer play the guitar. Hand on it!

Madonna's breasts

They wrote history in Jean Paul Gaultier's pointed brassiere: the breasts of pop icon Madonna. Your cleavage is whole 1.3 million euros worth - that's the sum insured for her famous bosom. In which case exactly does this insurance apply? One can only speculate about that. Chest out!

Kim Kardashian's buttocks

She holds it in every camera and presents it in countless selfies on the Internet: Kim Kardashian loves her bottom - after all, it is the main reason that the TV star from the USA is now known around the world. $ 18.7 million is their capital value according to the insurance. Im-Po-sant!

Tom Jones's chest hair

"Sexbomb, Sexbomb - you're my Sexbomb!" - anyone can sing along to Tom Jones' big hits. But not only his catchy melodies make the singer's success, but also his lush chest hair. The "tiger" thinks for himself in any case. Why else would he have the frizzy body hair that often oozes from wide-open shirts for barely? 5 million euros To be insured? Hairy thing!

Rihanna's legs

Rihanna has won prizes not only for her unmistakable voice, but also for her pretty legs: She officially bears the title “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess”. Whether this award called the beautiful singer from Barbados on the scene, her extremities for 727,000 euros to insure is not known. On the other hand, your feet are not insured. Because shortly after completing the policy, she broke a toe and had to cancel several concerts as a result. Insurance did not cover it. Close miss!