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You live another 105 minutes, God, honor, fatherland and bio from China: TV tips for Monday


Meryn on Monday: Who will help the children? The television doctor Siegfried Meryn speaks to the psychotherapist Martina Leibovici-Mühlberger about psychotherapeutic stress during the Corona crisis.
Until 18.51, ORF 2

19.40 REPORT

Re: God, honor, fatherland Every year on November 11th, downtown Warsaw is transformed into a sea of ​​white and red flags. Tens of thousands of right-wingers chant slogans against immigrants, homosexuals and liberals on the so-called "independence march". A highlight of the year for the 41-year-old Pawel - but the political situation in Poland is tense and a street battle breaks out.

Until October 20th, Arte


You live another 105 minutes(Sorry, Wrong Number, USA 1948, Anatole Litvak) In Anatole Litvak's New York in 1948, the day is hardly brighter than the night. Darkness surrounds the events, the characters are gloomy: there is a hysterical, bed-tied patient (Barbara Stanwyck), a rich, domineering father, a very young husband blinded by money (Burt Lancaster) and a sincere but unfortunately greedy servant of his Mr. Due to a wrong connection on the phone, Stanwyck learns of a murder plan. She suspects that she is meant and tries - at first full of anger, later only in despair - to get help. Such a bad plan provokes escalating fear of death and the worst possible ending: "I'm sorry, wrongly connected!" Until 9.40 p.m., Arte


Theme Monday: Bio from China China is one of the largest organic importers in Europe. That alone makes it clear that organic has nothing to do with sustainability, because everything has to be shipped or flown around the world before it lands on our shelves. 21.00 Organic for everyone: Today, organic is above all a huge business, and so it is not surprising that the big players in the food industry have jumped into action. 21.50 More organic through Corona? A documentary poses the question of the health boost caused by the pandemic. A round of talks at 10:25 p.m. will clarify questions of detail.

Until 23.15, ORF 3


theme Topics: Inside Demo - The world of corona deniers. / Pandemic behind bars. / Notes to Tobias - How parents deal with their child's suicide.
Until 10 p.m., ORF 2


Culture Monday Topics: Art and Lawsuit - An African American Legacy at the New Museum in New York. / Between Shake speare and Lindenberg - high-flyer Jan Bülow in portrait and conversation. / Almost or fair - the vintage boom. / Documentation Icons of Austria - rural worlds?Until 0.00, ORF 2

Radio tips for Monday


From the life of nature The agricultural scientist Stefan Marxer on edible winter mushrooms. Mon–Fr, until 9.00 a.m., Ö1


Radio College This week you will learn more about the political and sociological consequences of pandemics, vitamins and Austrian tradition in music.

Mon–Thurs, until 10.00 a.m., Ö1


Point one: what is money? Philipp Blom asks questions about the rise of digital currencies. Paul Kellermann, sociologist and historian, answers. Until 13.55, Ö1 (Doris Priesching, February 22nd, 2021)