What games are there on the SNES Classic

SNES Classic Mini: These games are on board

Contra 3 - The Alien Wars (European title: Super Probotector - Alien Rebels)

Rock-heavy - above all, that is what the “Probotector” series has always been. Known only as the “Contra” in Japan and North America, the shooter is a bullet hell torture with one-hit kills - but also a stroke of design genius. Despite the high degree of difficulty, the tough levels are varied, entertaining - and often end with fat bosses. The massive soundtrack did the rest.

Donkey Kong Country

Like the previous console, the SNES was home to numerous gigantic jump’n’Runs. No wonder - the consoles and the first generation of games had their origins in the arcade. “Donkey Kong Country” is one of these top-class players - and the reasons are numerous: The jungle graphics were the top hit, the levels were crisp and the lively banana collecting was reminiscent of the coin hunt in “Super Mario World”.


The role-playing game "Earthbound" - in Japan weirdly called "Mother" - is a real underground hit - hardcore fans are still waiting for a sequel to this day. That will probably never happen - the title was just too niche for that. It's actually a shame, because “Earthbound” had a cool look from an isometric perspective and, due to an alien invasion, had a good mood. Also good: the cute children's characters.


Long ago 60 frames a second, “F-Zero” was the “burnout” of the SNES era - it was colorful, loud and fast - and a real racing game cracker! “F-Zero” was also noticeable for the atypical Nintendo characters: They didn't roar around with familiar faces as is usual, but jumped into the cockpit with completely fresh ones.

Final Fantasy 3 (Japanese title: Final Fantasy 6)

Despite the “fantasy” in the title, the sixth (!) Part of the RPG series (and the first on the SNES) has a science fiction setting. The well-fitting story framework is both dramatic and serious: a group of rebels tries to overthrow a dictatorship in their usual epic RPG battles. The highlight of "Final Fantasy 3": You play a total of 14 different characters - more than ever before! Of course, you never have more than four characters at the same time in your party.

Super Ghouls’n Ghosts

Have you gambled “Ghosts’n Goblins” on the NES or in the arcade, you know roughly what to expect from “Super Ghouls’n Ghosts”: A tough retro platformer with a horror background - not dissimilar to “Castlevania”. The 16-bit part wasn't much different from the first - but scored enormously with the bold graphics and numerous effects.

Kirby Super Star (European title: Kirby’s Fun Pack)

You played “Kirby’s Dream Land” first on the Game Boy - and already there, gamers were delighted with the cute design and great playability. The games with the indefinable bird cloud called Kirby had a reputation for being far too simple, but precisely because of that they were relaxed platformer for in between. "Kirby Super Star" is a game collection - it doesn't just combine all the parts that have been released up until then, but comes with some completely new platformers and fun mini-games.

Kirby’s Dream Course

Golf was perhaps the best game in the popular “Wii Sports” collection - and “Kirby’s Dream Course” was possibly the strongest golf game of the SNES era. Instead of sucking up and spitting up cute cuddles with Kirby as usual, you thrash the pink hero yourself - to transport him through mini golf areas as a quasi golf ball. Kind of brutal - but extremely entertaining!

Mega Man X

Oh, Mega Man! How many hours did we spend with you on NES and Game Boy - and how often have we cursed when we exploded to junk or fell into an abyss. Of course, that also happened in abundance on the Super Nintendo - even if “Mega Man X” couldn't quite keep up with the 8-bit classics. Nevertheless: You definitely played a great platformer - with a fantastic soundtrack as always.

Secret of Mana

"Secret of Mana" is one of the great Japanese role-playing games of the old "Final Fantasy" era. Here, too, you roamed through a colorful game world with your party and experienced an epic story - and with a multitap adapter, even three of them. The difference to the successful Square Enix series: The fights in "Secret of Mana" run in real time, each hit shows the damage points on the opponent quite mordern. That was quick and extremely motivating!

Star Fox 2

"Star Fox 2" is the biggest surprise of the SNES Classic Mini - because the game was never released back then. Not in Japan and not in the rest of the world either. The reason: While the debut was a technical milestone, the successor lagged behind in this regard - and the creators stopped the project in the middle of development. But soon you can finally play it on Nintendo's upcoming mini retro console! A little hint: do not play "Star Fox 2" until you have mastered the first section of "Star Fox 2".

Star Fox (European title: Starwing)

The flight action "Star Fox" is known for one thing above all - the 3D graphics, which were extremely impressive for the time. Don't forget: the SNES was first and foremost a 2D console. Most gamers could not believe their eyes when they rushed through the three-dimensional worlds with Fuchs Fox & Co. for the first time. This was made possible by a graphics chip preinstalled on the module - the Super-FX.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Beat’em’up? At the time of the SNES, Capcom's masterpiece “Street Fighter 2 Turbo” stood for this. Why is the game known and honored to this day? In addition to the excellent balance of the game, there were iconic fighters along with matching movesets and an ingeniously good two-player mode that made for hours of daddy evenings.

Super Mario Kart

The “Mario Kart” series is still one of Nintendo's most important franchises today. Although the different parts are very similar, the fun racer almost always sells like butter - most recently on the Switch with “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”. Even if “Mario Kart 64” is considered by many to be the ultimate offshoot, “Super Mario Kart” laid the foundation stone at the SNES. You can already find all the trademarks of the series here: Multiplayer races with item support on crazy tracks.

Great punch-out !!

"Super Punch-Out !!" stays true to the principle of the almost timeless NES classic "Punch-Out": In the sequel you beat charismatic comic characters with your linnet and knock them down with clever punch combinations. However, this takes some practice - because the boxing game is pretty crisp again!

Super Castlevania 4

“Super Castlevania 4” finally lived up to the horror premise of Konami's hit series. The creepy soundtrack, the gruesome monsters and the musty surroundings made sure of that. Once you got used to the lame jumping mechanics of this offshoot, you were rewarded with an entertaining platformer with Gothic charm.

Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars

"Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars" at the SNES - today a rarity - laid the foundation for an atypical Mario spin-off that is still being sequeled to this day. As the name suggests, cuddly role-playing games await you here, complete with turn-based combat. Nevertheless, you did not have to do without the standard elements - here, too, there were well-known opponent faces. But new and great: the well-written story.

Super Mario World

“Super Mario World” also benefited from the technical capabilities of Super Nintendo - the third real “Mario” part was an audiovisual feast for the eyes at the time. But that's not all! The crisp platformer levels were well designed and offered a high replay value thanks to alternative routes. The most important newcomer, however, was the funny Dino Yoshi, on whom you rode and with whose tongue you, like Nintendo colleague Kirby, swallowed opponents and spit them out again.

Great metroid

The SNES portion of the "Alien" series-based sci-fi franchise is considered an action-adventure milestone. No wonder! The gloomy atmosphere was just brilliant, the levels that were gradually opened were huge and still challenging - despite the new map. In addition, the gripping "Metroidvania" gameplay was never as motivating as it is here.

Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island

“Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi’s Island” was probably a rather skeptical approach to most gamers - the drawn graphics in the crayon style looked too different, and the primary star was dinosaur Yoshi. But if you made friends with it, you daddled a real jump'n'run highlight - with an unmistakable look to this day. Only the loud screaming Baby Mario is one of the most annoying video game characters ever. In 2014, by the way, the 3DS sequel "Yoshi's New Island" was released.

The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past

"The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past" is not only one of the best "Zelda" games ever - it is also one of the greatest SNES games. The gloomy in-between world, the fantastic soundtrack and the ingenious dungeons are just three things that make Link Zeitreise special. In addition, this part expanded the franchise for the first time with numerous game elements that remain to this day.