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Letter of motivation for studying hotel management

A common thread is important when writing, In principle, you are fairly free to write and look at the letter of motivationbecause there are no hard and fast rules. But of course it should suit the course to some extent, that is, a little more restraint is required in business administration than in the creative industry, for example.

You are also free to choose the size of the letter of motivation, but your letter should not be longer than a maximum of two A4 pages be. As a rule, one page is enough, because you shouldn't ramble about unnecessarily, but rather summarize your motivation as concisely as possible.

A structure that allows the introduction, main part and conclusion to be recognized is certainly sensible. If you are unsure which information to include and which not, and whether the whole thing does not exceed the scope, first create a concept. Write down in bullet points what is important to you and put everything in the right order. Only then begin to formulate the sentences. You will see, it is not that difficult at all.

After reading it, the reader of your letter of motivation should not have the slightest doubt that you are suitable in every respect for the desired course of study. So the letter revolves around the core message: Why I absolutely want to complete this course at this university!

Always stick to the truth with your statements!

Several factors are decisive for the right choice of study or career. Here are a few ideas that can / should be included in your motivation letter as a reason:

  • My personal strengths and interests match this course because ...
  • This course will bring me to my goal because ...
  • This bachelor's degree is an excellent fit because I can optimally build on it with the XY master’s degree required for my goals ...
  • Your educational institution particularly appeals to me because ...
  • I decided to study and not to do an apprenticeship because ...
  • I decided on the dual study / full-time study because ...
  • The elective modules / specializations offered with this degree program fit perfectly with my ideas, because ...
  • The course builds on my previous professional / private / voluntary experience, such as B. ...

Avoid standard formulations

The sentences listed above are examples that illustrate the multitude of possible arguments and should provide some helpful food for thought. The letter of motivation should be neither a string of meaningless phrases nor an exaggerated adulation of your person. When writing the letter of motivation, you should use your own free formulations if possible. Because with succinct words like “The hotel industry fascinated me as a child” you won't get very far.

The letter of motivation should Present your advantages honestly and not appear artificial. Because standard sentences quickly appear stilted if they do not fit your own personality. Because this part of the application is also used for self-presentation, the Text appear as authentic as possibleOtherwise it becomes clear at the latest when you get to know each other personally that the letter does not reflect reality.

Establish a relationship with the course and university

Depending on the course and university, different aspects can play a role. For example, anyone who has opted for the dual course of study (which is already widespread in the hotel industry) needs different arguments than someone who wants to complete a full-time course. Above all, it should be made clear that the author has really dealt with the specific course of study and the university offering it. Because even if there are many courses that z. B. "Hotel management", but content orientations, practical parts and focus can vary greatly. Here it is certainly also useful to consider why you were interested in the course at first glance and why the university also attracted you to a certain extent.

  • Are there certain university projects that excited you?
  • Does the university have a strategically favorable location?
  • Are there special practice partners?
  • Does the course have specializations that cannot be found anywhere else?

Find points that are relevant for you and your argumentation that a degree program has to fulfill and that can be found accordingly at this university.

Security in matters Spelling, commas and grammar an application text should of course reflect this. In any case, have your letter of motivation proofread again - preferably by someone who is particularly confident with spelling and commas.

In general, it never hurts if a neutral person reads the letter of motivation again. It is best to use several people to help and not necessarily your parents or best friend - they are reluctant to tell you in the face when something has not turned out quite so well.

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