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THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE = UCC, is the highest ranking International- / Commercial- / Business-Law - which is complementary to the Common-law & (inter alia) valid also in “the” FRG, and to “the” USA, ICC , EU, CoE, UN, etc.

THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE = UCC is the highest international commercial / business / law / law - which is a supplement to common-law & (among other things) valid in "the" FRG, as well as at IstGH, and USA, EU, COUNCIL OF EUROPE = CoE, UN, etc.

PRINCIPLE / REMEDY & RECOURSE IN COMMERCE: Because for decades everything in our “GLOBALIZED SYSTEM” (with some exceptions) is based on “Commercial Principle”: inter alia the POLICE, JUSTICE & every COURT, have DUNS & SIC numbers and deal with “ Negotiable Instruments ”and so called“ Money ”. Cleverly disguised or covered up by various deception, yet has been exposed and is no secret any longer, the moment any such Entity / Person / Instrumentality / Etc., makes claims, demands and accepts so called payments in any form of so called money / currency; € / $ or negotiable instruments, it is absolute operating under the “UCC”! Thus every “civilized law” must have two distinctive characteristic principals; “Remedy &“ Recourse ”: The“ Common-law ”,“ Law of Merchants ”&“ Uniform Commercial Code ”all provide“ remedy & recourse ”(Personal Remark; as long as we deal with said system and money we will never have real justice, peace & freedom!).

PRINCIPLE / REMEDIES & RECRESS IN BUSINESS / COMMERCIAL / COMMERCE: Our GLOBALIZED SYSTEM (with a few exceptions) has been based on the "commercial principle" for decades, including the POLICE, JUSTITZ & every COURT, have DUNS & SIC numbers and do business with " * Negotiable Instruments "=" * Negotiable / transferable / security "/ trading paper" / bills of exchange ", and so-called" money ". Cleverly veiled or covered by various kinds of deception, it is nevertheless exposed and no longer a secret at the moment when such an institution / corporation / company / organization / company / person / instrumentality / etc. makes a claim and so-called payments in each Kind of so-called money € / $ accepted or "* Negotiable Instruments", it is absolutely clearly active and acts under the "UCC"! Thus every "CIVILIZED LEGAL SYSTEM" must have two unmistakable characteristic principles: "REMEDIES & REGRESS" (including recourse): The "Common-law" (= approx. Civil law), the "Commercial law" and even the "Uniform Commercial Code" (= e.g. Uniform Global Commercial- Business / Trade / Law / Law) have "legal remedies & recourse" !! (Personal remark; as long as we work with such a system and money, we never have real justice!).

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UCC § 1-308 (previously known § 1-207) Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights; a party who with explicit reservation of rights performs or promises performance or assets to performance in a manner demanded or offered by “the” other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as “without prejudice” “under protest” "all rights reserved" or the like are sufficient.

UCC § 1-308 (previously § 1-207) “Performance or acceptance with reservation of rights; a party who performs or promises something with explicit / express reservation of rights, or promises performance, or consents to a performance in a manner that is requested or offered by "the" other party, does not thereby prejudice the rights which reserved are: Such words as; "Without disadvantages" / "without prejudices" = "without prejudice" or "under protest" = "under protest" or "all rights reserved" = "all rights reserved" or similar are sufficient references to this.

WITHOUT PREJUDICE pursuant to UCC § 1-308 When you see either "without prejudice" / "under protest" and / or "all rights reserved" (with or without UCC / § / 1-308) in connection with a / my signature, it means: "I, reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract, commercial agreement or bankruptcy that I, did not enter knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally. And furthermore, I, do not and will not accept the liability" by "them / etc." of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement or bankruptcy. "

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, means according to UCC § 1-308 if you see somewhere "without prejudice" / "under protest" / "under duress" and / or "all rights reserved" (with or without UCC / § / 1-308) in When combined with a / my signature, it means: “I reserve the right not to be coerced into acting under any commercial contract or bankruptcy that I have entered into, not knowingly, willingly or voluntarily. furthermore assume no liability for "the" forced / use / advantage for any written / oral / annexed incomplete disclosed contracts / confidential items / commercial contractual agreement / insolvency "of" them / etc. "incl. however, it does not violate or terminate any rights or privileges of any party.

UCC §1-202 (before §1-201: 25) COMMERCIAL-LAW-NOTICE; a person has notice of a fact when (a) he / she has actual knowledge of it; or (b) has received a notice or notification of it; or (c) from all the facts at the time in question he / she has reason to know that it exists.

COMMERCIAL / COMMERCIAL LAW NOTICE = COMMERCIAL-LAW NOTICE UCC § 1-202 (previously 1-201: 25) a person has knowledge of fact (s), either (a) if he / she has actual knowledge, or (b) has received a notice, or (c) of all facts in question at this time, has reason to know that they exist.

UCC § 1-103: 6 (REGRESS) the Code is complementary to the Common Law; which remains in force except where displaced by the Code - (respectively that means the “Common-law” is above the Code).

UCC § 1-103.6 means (REGRESS / REGRESS LAW); this code is a supplement to common law (see possible customary law or civil law) which remains valid unless it is overridden by the code itself. - (that means the "common law" is above the code!)


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