How does TfidfVectorizer work for laypeople

Free WDF * IDF analysis tool

Overtake your competitors

Thanks to the tabular overview of the WDF * IDF tool, you can see at a glance which terms are used particularly frequently by the competition. Are there possibly terms that do not appear in your text and that could be meaningfully supplemented in order to catch up with the competition? In this way, you show the search engine that you are reporting comprehensively on a topic in your text, without leaving out valuable and important terms or sub-topics.

However, your goal should not be to simply copy a competitor in the field of content, on-page SEO and backlinks. Instead, it's about proving that your site is better and should therefore definitely rank first. Deliver better, more extensive, more accurate and more exclusive information than the competition and establish a unique selling point for your website!

You can also use the WDF * IDF formula for Amazon SEO, because the product descriptions of an Amazon article are also indexable content for Google. As a rule, 2,000 characters are available here, which you can supplement with important long-tail keywords. A WDF * IDF analysis and subsequent optimization of the product description increases the chance that your Amazon product page will rank high on Google, especially with transactional search queries, and thus generate valuable traffic.