How do I become a good beatboxer

"You should be a good entertainer and improviser"

"The human being as an unplugged multi-instrument! The listeners can hardly believe what kind of sound cosmos can be created with the mouth alone. And the good thing about it is: Everyone can learn it! No matter whether young or old!" These are the first lines of the new book "Beatbox for Beginners" by Menderes Berisha, 18, known as Menjay, which is due to come out at the end of May. Julita Jendrczak and Laura Arnold, students in class 8f at the Max Planck Realschule Bad Krozingen, invited the professional beatboxer for a chat.

Zischup:How did you come up with the idea of ​​becoming a beatboxer?
Menjay:I wanted to learn an instrument that I can play anywhere and anytime, and there was either harmonica or beatbox. I chose beatbox. Back then, I was inspired by a beatboxer named "eklips" who I saw on a TV show.

Zischup:Almost everyone has an idol or role model. Which one do you have
Menjay:My role model is Michael Jackson. Micheal Jackson was a musically perfectionist and I want to be as successful as him. Few people know that he first produced his music with beatbox.

Zischup:How did you become known and what role does YouTube play in this?
Menjay:I became known through smaller, spontaneous appearances on stage. Youtube plays a major role here, because the videos are easily accessible internationally. You just have to send a link around and everyone can see it. There are beatboxing competitions on YouTube that I have participated in.

"The astonished faces of the people who are not
imagine how to make five tones at once. "

Beatboxer Menjay

Zischup:Where does your stage name Menjay come from?
Menjay:I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson used to be called "Emjay". At first I wanted to call myself Menderes, but the name has a bad reputation. The name "Menjay" has two parts. The first three letters of my first name and the last three of a friend of mine who is a singer and is called JayJay. This is how the name "Menjay" came about.

Zischup:How is the winner determined in a battle?
Menjay:So it used to be that the audience decided who the winner is. It was measured with a measuring device at whom the audience clapped and cheered more. Nowadays you have a jury for that. A jury consists of three people. After a countdown, the jury has to point to one of the beatboxers. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

Zischup:What makes a good beatboxer?
Menjay:Rhythm and tact. You should be a good entertainer and improviser.

Zischup:How do you learn beatboxing and what do you have to be able to do for it?
Menjay:You don't have to be able to do anything special for beatboxing. You should know the basics, because you teach the rest of it yourself. At the end of May I'll be bringing out a book called "Beatbox for Beginners", which will give you an introduction to beatboxing.

Zischup:What makes beatboxing so special for you?
Menjay:The amazed faces of people who cannot imagine how to make five tones at once.