Counts my vote

Why does my vote only count when I register?

Registration is important in order to be able to calculate representative results for the total population in Germany. For this purpose, each participant is asked, among other things, for gender, year of birth and their own zip code. Civey uses this information exclusively to be able to consider users according to their distribution in the general population. In addition, the history of previous responses is also used to correct for any biases through weighting.

Our results can only be representative if the participants in our surveys represent an image of the population to be examined. You must therefore correspond to the relevant characteristics of the population (e.g. the eligible voters in Germany). For this we have to know the relevant characteristics of our voters in order to be able to weight the information so that votes from underrepresented groups weigh more heavily and votes from overrepresented groups weigh less. For example, if there is an excessive number of male young people from Cologne and relatively few female pensioners from Munich, the individual vote of a young person from Cologne counts accordingly less, while the individual vote of a female pensioner from Munich is weighted more strongly.

Without certain information about you, we would never know with which evaluation your respective vote should flow into our calculations, and therefore we could not achieve any representative results.