Why is haircut so expensive in the US

A question of the cut : What does it actually cost ... to visit the hairdresser?

The opposite is true. It is not women who pay more at the hairdresser's, but men. “The prices in the women's and men's salon are much closer together than you might think,” says Jörg Müller. As head of the Central Association of the German Hairdressing Trade, he should know that. "In the medium-priced salons, the average price for a haircut in the women's salon is 17.80 euros, in the men's salon 14.40 euros dry, 17.90 euros wet."

He does not deny that the prices differ greatly in individual cases. A wave of water here, a color there, that is reflected on the bill. And so the “service factor” for women is 2.4 - in the men's salon only 1.1 services per visit.

The eye also pays

Another reason: the eye also pays. “It's almost a bit like in gastronomy, where the spectrum ranges from the classic restaurant to the snack bar.” A good salon owner sets the price for a haircut using a mixed calculation: How is the salon equipped, what is the ambience, what is it like the employees are trained and how are they paid.

Working hours are also a factor. In fact, a woman's haircut often takes longer. A bob is just more complicated to cut than a simple men's haircut. So the opposite is not always true.

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